iPhones from Bell. Will it make a difference?

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Apple, hardware
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So you probably have already heard the latest about Bell announcing they will be selling the iPhones as early as this November. The news originally came out they COULD support the iphones once their network is upgraded to the HSPA network which is underway, but now it seems they are saying they WILL be selling iPhones (see engadget article here) . Good news, right?

Well, at this point, its anyones guess. This could mean that Rogers now has some competition for the iPhone market and that might mean cheaper plans for Rogers customers to keep them and to entice new customers otherwise they may lose them to Bell, but (call me a pesimist if you like) i think we will just hear a lot of belly-aching from both sides claiming how much money the new networks cost to implement and how they have to recoup those costs, blah, blah, blah.

I hope it does mean lower data plan rates and deals for the end-user.  I know many people who are stuck with Bell for one reason and another and wanted an iPhone but wouldn’t or couldn’t switch to Rogers, so for them, this is probably good news.  Possibly bad news for their wallets if as i suspect the costs don’t end up getting any better, because say what you will about convenience and usability, having a smart phone such as an iPhone or a BlackBerry sure does smart everytime the bill comes.



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