GoogleUpdaterInstaller: a consistently annoying popup

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Mac OSX
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Shortly after i installed the latest Mac OSX Snow Leopard updates i started getting an extremely annoying popup asking me to authorize googleupdaterinstaller.  I did it once, thinking okay, new program loaded or something was updated, no big deal it happens.  Thinking that was the end of it, i was surprised a while later to be asked again.  And then again, and again… (you get the picture)

I was annoyed and decided to see what the heck was up.  I checked in my startup items for my account and sure enough Google Updater Helper is in there (as shown in the image below) – but you can’t just remove it, it won’t let you.


I thought, okay – be like that, and opened up Activity monitor (Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor if you are unsure where to find it) and killed the process. Just highlight the process in the list you want to end and click Quit. 


Just like that, no more annoying popups.  This fix only works until you restart your Mac, at which point Google Updater Helper will be relaunched if it is still in your Login Items.  You can delete the app from your Mac and that will fix the issue, but i imagine Google is working on a fix for this problem, and because i only restart my Mac once in a blue moon, its not really a big concern to Quit the process after that same blue moon.


  1. eddie v says:

    thank you so very much for blogging this. I followed your instructions and resolved those very annoying freaking pop-ups. thank you. thank you. thank you!!


  2. tcg says:

    @eddie v you’re welcome, glad i could help. i figured if its happening to me, its probably happening to others as well.


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