bing: next big thing or next big flop?

Posted: October 25, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I’d been hearing alot about bing and decided to give it a look, first glance it comes across as looking pretty, seems quick enough and has a simple layout. Sound familiar? Sound like the current search engine heavy-weight Google?

I’ve often found it strange and amazing at the same time how well and how quickly Google integrated into our vocabulary and everyday lives.  Rarely does anyone look something up on the web, they Google it.  People Google each other to find out about someone they just met.  about a subject they are curious about.  to answer a trivia question.  Google, Google, Google… (sorry, just had a Brady Bunch flashback there… “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”)

So when someone – anyone – creates a new search engine you are comparing it to Google.  (Remember cuil?  Not many people do.  its still around, but just never caught on. I think the name had a big part in that, i couldn’t even remember how to spell it.) MicroSoft knew this when they came up with bing and as much as imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, is bing anything more than a Google rip-off?  The look as i said is very similar, right down to the colours being used.  Even the name, “bing“, it lends itself to be used as a verb.  People will be”bing-ing” in no time.  I think M$ knew that having the most used web browser (internet explorer) just wasn’t enough, they wanted to dethrone the search engine giant.  Many people i know, as soon as they set up a new windows computer, the first thing they do is change the home page to Google.  Its fast and simple and clean, as opposed to the MSN homepage that M$ would have you use as a default which is none of the three.  So is this the start of another war of the titans?  Does M$ have enough followers to steal away users from Google?  Time will tell, but for now, i have to say, they did a good job so far.

The web site is fast, changes the background image daily, and gives you a bit of history by adding hidden links on the page about the image in the background photo and does it in a neat little way.  You will see little boxes as you mouseover the page that will give you highlights about various historic or interesting info about it, and in then are links to find out more. The little copyright symbol in the bottom right corner gives you the name of the location, and the photographers name.  Not sure where the pictures are coming from, or if anyone is getting royalties for their use, but they are some very scenic pictures to use as a background, even if most people never really look at them.  The typical time spent on a webpage for a search engine is pretty quick.  You open it, type what you are looking for and get your results, not normally a place you virtually sit and look around, but who knows, maybe if the picture is nice enough, people will make it their homepage.  Its debatably nicer than a big white screen with some multi-colour letters on it, which has become the homepage of many right now.

Go “bing” yourself, i did.



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