Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Oops, forgot to upgrade Boot Camp

Posted: November 1, 2009 in Mac OSX, software, Windows
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I upgraded to the latest and greatest Mac OS as soon as it was available and really haven’t had any major issues, well except for that annoying mail password bug that comes back almost every OS update, but thats another story.
It wasn’t until the other day when i finally started up my MacBook in Boot Camp that i realized it hadn’t been updated to the latest version that was part of Snow Leopard.  For some reason, i didn’t even think about updating Boot Camp, it’s not a program that i use much, since most of the time if i need to do anything in windows i just fire up Parallels and do it.  Boot Camp is only necessary for one really memory/graphics intense program i use, but its good to have the most up-to-date version installed when you need it.

So i restarted in winxp using Boot Camp and inserted the Snow Leopard disc.  Depending upon your settings, it should autostart and let you install the latest Boot Camp drivers. Its a relatively painless process, involving a restart or two, so you kinda need to babysit your Mac as it does that or else you’ll find yourself back in Snow Leopard again (that always happens to me, hence the warning)

bootcamp3-install-01The process is a simple one and takes about 10 minutes on my MacBook.  It stills makes me feel a bit weird seeing windows on my Mac, but its good to have for those times you really need to be running full blown windows and not just Mac OS X, running a program, running a virtual machine.  (just in case you didn’t already know, the keyboard shortcut for “print screen” when running Boot Camp is shift-function-F11)


Once it was all done, i rebooted into Mac OS X and tried out Parallels which uses my Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine.  Strangely my caps lock button seemed to be working the opposite of how it should and Parallels reported my Parallels Tools were out of date, but letting them re-install automatically fixed that.  So all is good.

A final word of warning.  Just remember, running windows on your Mac is great and all, but along with it comes the need for all the anti-virus and anti-spyware/malware protection as well.  So if you are gonna install windows, make sure you start it up once in a while if for no other reason than to update your protection programs, the last thing you want is an old out of date AV program letting in some nasties into your Mac.



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