Zen and windshield scraping

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
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As i was scraping the frost off my car windows the other morning, i realized it was one of those things you do where you can really just let your mind go and concentrate on the task at hand, a simple process that you really can’t rush, you just do it and it is what it is, and takes as long as it takes. In simple terms, i had a Zen moment.  Me, my car, and my entirely blank mind.

There is a book i’ve never completely read, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  Reading it is one of those things i’ve always meant to do, but never have finished it.  I started in a few times, then put it aside and before too long realize that i’ve been too busy and years have gone by (and yes i see the irony in that). It’s an older book, written in 1974, ( and actually took the author 4 years to write, so i don’t feel bad spending at least that long reading it) but nonetheless it teaches us about the need to be at peace with ourselves, reflecting upon events around us and at the same time being rational and being able to look after and maintain those things around us that need to be.

A lot of technology that we use falls into the second part of the equation, whereas most of what we are trying to do with that technology falls into the first. Technology can be helpful in helping us to create and reflect and capture and even enjoy life, but we have to remember that like ourselves, it needs to be taken care of once in a while.

As far as computers go, remember to check for updates for software, apply service packs, use the tools to help keep your computer clean and virus/spyware/malware free.  Take the time once in a while to wade through all the “temp” files you have, clean out the clutter, delete the software you installed on a whim and never used again.  Basically a purging of your hard drive, you will be amazed how much stuff you find, and potentially how much space you can free up on your hard drive.

Preventative maintenance.  It may take a little time out of your busy life, but in the end its better to spend a few minutes preventing than hours and hours trying to repair after the fact.  I think that was the gist of what that book is all about, although, as i said i can’t be sure since i haven’t finished it yet.  (for those of you that have, don’t spoil it for me and tell me the ending, i will eventually finish it, its on my bucket list)

I was going to tie this post in with some specific software, but then decided against it when i realized this was more of a life lesson than related to any one thing.  We all need to strive for the harmonious balance between seeing the beauty in everything around us and being able to fix or at least maintain the important things in our lives.  Whether its something as simple as scraping a windshield or cleaning a pool (another one of my ‘zen’ times), reflect upon the beauty of this gift of life and enjoy it while doing the mundane tasks.


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