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Posted: December 16, 2009 in blogging, Mac OSX, software, Wordpress
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I have to admit, at first I thought “meh, I’ll never use it, but it’s good to have”.

I’m talking of course about the app I’m typing this on WordPress for iPhone and I find it to be extremely handy.  Yep, i admit it, i was wrong.

I was using version 1.2 and just as I was starting this entry noticed version 2.1 was out.  So I installed it on my iPhone (its a relatively small app so its a fast direct install) and started using it.  There are a few things i noticed right away.  The splash screen is exactly that – a quick splash telling you the app name and version and then boom you are into the program.


The one on the left is the old screen and the one in the middle is the new splash screen which it only displays while the app loads, (which is very quick so you may not get a chance to see the version number) and the one on the right is the new “start” screen.  The look and feel is that of many of the latest apps for the iPhone, which makes sense, since continuity and consistency are nice ways to help people use apps easier.  Once you have added your blog to the list, opening your blog is fairly quick and the usage & interface is very easy to understand.


(Again, the one on the left is the old one, the right is the new one.)  As you can see the new version is a much more polished one but thankfully does not seem to slow down the app at all.  Navigating between the Comments tab and the Posts tab and the Pages tab are all very quick, and in fact i like the comments tab in here better than the WordPress web version i currently use.  The ability to delete (trash can symbol of course) approve, unapprove or mark as spam is so quick and easy and doesn’t take the typical two clicks needed on the web version.  Anything to speed up the process is always a good thing.  The actual comment screen is pretty much the same as it was in version 1.2, but the preview screen is different and like i said before, more polished.

This app looks like an Apple app, which is pretty high praise, since most (i can’t say all) of their apps have set the bar pretty high.  For me, this app has become very useful and has allowed me to get thoughts, ideas and snippets for posts quickly recorded no matter where i am.  Although, though no fault of this app in particular, i’d recommend not using it in the shower.  Sure its better than trying to write with a pen and paper in the shower, but your iPhone probably won’t last long afterwards.

For any WordPress users wanting to blog from their iPhone, it doesn’t get much easier than this.


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  2. Was an interesting article, thank you..


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