Christmas and Tech

Posted: December 22, 2009 in technology
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The past few years around our house have been pretty tech-centric and it’s shaping up that this year will be no different. I won’t get into specifics just in case someone in the house decides to read my blog.  That would be a terrible way to spoil the surprise.
I’m not sure if it’s a function of the fact that winters are so cold we spend more time cooped up in the house, and as such we spend more time sitting around playing and being entertained. Both of these seem to involve a lot of technology, be it in the form of TV, movies on DVDs or downloads, music on CDs or MP3 downloads, or video game consoles, we are constantly interacting with tech and demanding more and more from the systems we use.  These systems are getting better and better and faster and faster, in fact, it seems if you miss a movie at the theatre you can catch it in a couple of months at home.  Add to that the ability to download TV shows and movies and music and you really don’t spend any time waiting for anything anymore it seems.

I hope that all this instant entertainment and information is not causing long term damage.  The recent issue with the Baby Einstein products and the lawsuit against them, etc, i’m sure has many people wondering about what we are doing to our kids that is going to affect their lives later.  Are we shortening their attention spans?  Are we bombarding our kids with too much too soon and in doing so creating a whole generation of kids with varying degrees of A.D.D.?

Is it really all that new though? When i was a kid i remember getting technology for christmas, but at the time it was a lot more primative and simpler – and LARGER.  I remember my first radio player that was AM and FM.  My first cassette deck and of course my first microphone which allowed me to hear my voice recorded for the first time and let me play dj in my room with an audience of rodents (i had gerbils and they were subjected to my varied musical tastes and quirky verbal musings).  That little cassette deck and microphone that started a love for dj-ing that lasted through my college years, allowing me to meet lots of people and bringing me out of my shell a bit more at the same time, may or may not have been a Christmas present, but it certainly was the predecessor to the technology of today.  Sure now we have iPods of various styles that do all of that and more, but the premise behind it is the same – technology.  Good or bad, its around us and allows us to be more, do more and learn more.  Like everything, it needs to be used responsibly and in moderation, especially when it comes to the first few formative years for kids, and also when it comes to teens and the constant wearing of earbuds causing permanent hearing loss at earlier ages than ever before, but don’t poo poo all tech just because of a few problems. Like i said, be responsible and think about what you are doing.  Turn down the volume. Buy headphones that allow air movement to your eardrums. Limit the time spent in front of videogames, etc.

I’m amazed every day at all the new and wonderful things that are invented and refined. Sure it makes old tech obsolete fast, but try and look at that as a blessing – it makes Christmas shopping easier since you can always buy the most up to date product to replace the old worn out one from last year (or last month sometimes).

Happy Holidays to all,



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