You have to just believe

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
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“I told you there was no Santa Claus”.

These words rang out from my daughters lips during a family viewing of the movie “Four Christmases” after Vince Vaughn’s character makes a comment about there not being a Santa, and I tried not to react but it hit me, that was the end of the magic of Christmas for my youngest daughter. As soon as you stop believing then a big part of the wonder of Christmas slips away, and for many doesn’t return until you have your own kids.
Let me back up a day or so… the people over at Sympatico (Bell Canada Internet) did a nice job of helping the big man send out personalized video messages to kids again this year, and when our doubting daughter got hers just before Christmas it reinforced her belief if only for a few days.  (check if out here if its still working) You let Santa know what kind of little boy or girl the recipient has been and answer a few questions and somehow the jolly old elf manages to find the time in his busy schedule to send a personalized message to your little one.  Very nice.  This was their second year, and i hope they do it again next year.

Call me a big kid, as a matter of fact I’m sure some of you do after reading some of my musings, but for me believing in Santa Claus is believing in the part of Christmas where people put aside their hostilities and gripes and act nicer and kinder to each other even if only for a few weeks.  Santa Claus is the magical embodiment of this and even if you don’t believe he is going to put presents under the tree for every good little boy and girl, you still have to believe that his being is a big part of the wonder and magic of Christmas and the reason so many parents and grandparents look forward to the big day.  Seeing the kids smiles after finding the empty glass of milk next to the plate of cookies, and carrots thoughtfully left for the reindeer, all eaten.  That is one of those memories you keep locked away in your mind forever, and make all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the months of prep work worthwhile.

So when asked “is there really a Santa Claus?” the answer for me is always the same, there is.  As long as someone believes and lets the jolly old elf live in their hearts and minds, then yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Me, i just figure i’ve been too bad for presents since i was around 8 or so, and anyone who knows me can vouch for that, but i keep hoping i make up for all the bad things i did and get back on the nice list and off the naughty one one of these Christmases.

ho ho ho,


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