_issing the first letter you type? again…

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Apple, Mac OSX
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Seems like every few months we get an Apple update that fixes the problem that certain MacBook users get where the first letter typed does not appear. it happened again after the 10.6.1. update for me and looks like Apple has acknowledged the problem again, and issued a firmware update for the keyboard, again.
Check your “Software Update…” to see if it applies to you.  You don’t need to restart your Mac to install it thankfully, but even so, this is not the first time its been broken, you would think by now they would know NOT to break it again when doing updates.  Hopefully this is the last time for this little glitch, but i’m not sure it will be.  if memory serves, this is the 3rd time i recall having to do a firmware update to fix the problem, so maybe, fingers crossed, the third time is the charm.



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