Uninstallers: All apps should have them

Posted: January 2, 2010 in Mac OSX, software
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I was testing out VMWare’s Fushion as an alternate to Parallels and the 30 day free demo was just about up so i decided to get rid of it, don’t get me wrong, its a great product but really no better than Parallels which i already have so the upgrade for it was cheaper and as is the norm, the lower cost wins out so i’m sticking with Parallels and upgraded to version 5. VMWare Fusion did all the same things as Parallels, and in fact looks and behaves much the same way, so trying it out for yourself to see which you prefer is an easy thing.

I’ve heard stories from both sides of the fence extolling the speed and virtues of both apps, but honestly, after using them both, can’t say i prefer one over the other from a usability standpoint. But this post isn’t so much about Virtual Machines as it is about removing no longer used programs.

As i was pondering the removal of the software, i got to thinking “oh crap. am i gonna need the installer to uninstall the software?”  Thankfully the answer was No.  As with some of the software that spreads itself out a bit on your Mac, the developers at VMWare thought of this and included an uninstaller for you.  Go to library/application support/vmware and simply click the Uninstall app.

Like i said, i wish all developers were this thoughtful. So often you install trial software and are left hunting for all the hidden files after the trial is over and you thought you removed the program.

I noticed my trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements was the same way, so if you run into the same situation, check in the library for uninstallers first before you start manually removing the program, it may save you time and effort and harddrive space.


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