Dragon Dictation: Handsfree speech to text for free

Posted: February 8, 2010 in iphone, social networking, software
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With the move towards handsfree devices for the car, and the government putting into effect laws to force us to stop using electronic devices while driving (which i completely agree with) there is a real need for ways of staying in touch without actually touching. Dragon Dictation fits that bill very nicely, and did i mention its FREE?!?!

The people behind Dragon Naturally Speaking have come out with a simple little app for the iPhone that works surprisingly well, to the point that it hasn’t screwed up a word for me yet, even with ambient background noise, or when i was speaking in low almost whisper-like tones.  (Mind you, i am very accent nuetral, so that may have something to do with accuracy of the program. When i spoke in a thick Scottish accent, i got a spinning wheel and “Processing” on the screen for a while before finally quessing at the words i spoke, getting ALL but two of them wrong – but then so would most people listening to me) 


The process and the program are so simple you can’t help but love it.  Install it, tap the big button in the middle of the screen, speak, and tap the button again.  Then decide what you want to do with it.  You even have the option of adding to it if you need to edit or change something.  Just hit the little keyboard looking icon on the bottom left corner and use the onscreen keyboard.  When you are done, click the little arrow on the right hand side at the bottom and decide what you want to do with the message. Email, Txt message, or just copy it to your clipboard for use in any app on your iPhone.

* *

As i mentioned – its free, and it works and may just be the perfect little app i have been needing to get my txt messages easily typed without all the typing.  Not only when i’m in the car, but sometimes when i’m are just too busy, or can’t type at the moment, or even just want to capture a quick comment for later use.  Now i can do it without getting greasy fingerprints all over the screen from eating onion rings while i drive and txt.  kidding, kidding – i never eat onion rings while i drive, its always fries.



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