Lend a Helping Hand More Often

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The outpouring of help, both financially and physically for the people in Haiti was very impressive and heartwarming. The way everyone around the world rallied together to help really shows how much we as people care about others, even people we don’t know personally.  Companies getting together and raising funds, Musicians donating their songs in a pay -what-you-can type situation, links in iTunes straight to the Red Cross, entire websites being created giving away music to anyone who supported, Developers donating sales from certain apps, etc.  I could go on and on.  All of it showing again the giving nature of most of humanity.  Closer to home, Canadians putting forth $113M of their own hard earned money, and that being matched by the government (up to $50M) into the efforts really impressed me. ( Those numbers are not current, so in fact the final numbers may be even more impressive.)

But… (you knew there was gonna be one), I don’t think the help should just be when there is the media following it though. We need to be helping whenever we can without having to be told or reminded, although if you can keep something in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts its bound to get better response.  Sometimes the media blitz is enough to get the money together quickly for a specific cause or tragedy, but lets not forget the causes that are ongoing, day in and day out. That’s what gave me the idea for “skip-a cup“.

According to statistics, over 60% of Canadians drink coffee daily, making it the most popular drink for adult canucks (YES, even more than BEER), and of that approx. 34% is consumed outside of the home, not necessarily all purchased from coffee shops, but  a large percentage of it is.

So here’s my idea.  The premise is simple, instead of buying that cup of coffee take that buck-and-a-half (or more if you like to drink a half-caf/decaf/tall/mocha/frothy thingy) and donate it instead to a charity of your choosing.  Sure, it seems like a small amount of money, but imagine if everyone who buys coffee skipped one cup each week, 52 weeks a year, that would amount to approx $75 each person.

Most charities have websites (look for the Donate button), or events of some kind you can save up your money for if its not easy to make a small weekly or occassional donation.  A couple of  Charities that are near and dear to my heart are:

Jesses Journey

Juvenile Diabetes

And remember, If you are like me, and really can’t go without a coffee, cheat and just donate as well as buying a coffee.  its okay, i won’t rat on you.



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