A warning to Twitter users & potential users

Posted: February 25, 2010 in computers, Windows
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Looks like this email spam/virus is making its rounds again, so if you see an email with the subject “your friend invited you to twitter” or “invitation @ twitter.com” send it where it belongs – straight to the trash.

This one has been seen in the wild a couple times now, always with the same basic wording, and comes with an attachment – a shiny new virus all for you.   The attachment will be named something similar to “Invitation Card.zip” and contains an executable that will allow the worm to infect your computer.  Most virus protection programs have been aware of this one for a while, so the .zip will probably be already stripped off before you see the email, but just in case, as always – Never, and i do mean NEVER click on a zip file or exe file you get without running a virus scan on it first – even if it comes from your mother, or priest or best friend.

When it comes to viruses/spyware/malware there is no such thing as too cautious.  As the saying goes about being doubly protected or prepared, “Belt and suspenders”  to which i add “duct tape and staples” too.


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