Dinner, with a side of Tech

Posted: March 7, 2010 in iphone, technology
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As a bit of a treat, we ordered take out from a little vegetarian restaurant in downtown London called Veg Out. We were planning on going out for dinner, but decided take-out worked better for us at the time, so I searched for their website on my iPhone to confirm their hours and also to see if the had an online menu.  They have their menu on the website in the form of a PDF which is just a scan of the menu they use in the restaurant, which is a great way to do it, but strangely there is no phone number on the PDF so you need to open another tab to get back to the main web page to see the phone number to place an order. The website and the PDF are well sized for mobile browsing, easy to read without a lot of zooming on my iPhone, even with my aging eyes.

Also, using my iPhone, I checked their address and got a map showing exactly where, since for some reason I was drawing a mental blank of where they were. Popping over to my MacBook and using Google Street View (doesn’t work on the iPhone, which i can kinda understand, but sometimes would be very handy while i’m traveling), i could see it. Richmond Street, tucked in between two other good restaurants, Bertoldi’s and Blue Ginger.  I could also see there was no parking out front, since its on a busy part of Richmond, but that no problem, lots of side street parking around there.

Depending upon the restaurant you are wanting, its also possible to take the tech experience one step further and order online, but that isn’t a feature our choice had available.

Btw, the food, veggie fish and chips, veggie chicken wings and sweet potato cornbread. Delicious.  The “fish” has just the right amount and type of batter for my liking and has a consistency close enough to the real thing to really satisfy that old-english-staple craving i was having.  The fries could use less salt – i’m not a big user of the most common of all spices (salt) and would prefer to salt my own food rather than have the restaurant do it for me. Also, if you like spicy food you may find the Spicy Wings a bit of a stretch of the use of the word, i would classify them as medium heat, but all in all, it was some of the best veggie food i’ve had out in a while.  Another great thing about their takeout (although it wasn’t ready at the time promised so we had to wait) is the use of recyclable cardboard take out containers, including using paper bags and biodegradable bowls which impressed me. Its pretty obvious they care about the environment and are trying to do what they can to help minimize waste.

Enough about the food though, back to the subject at hand.  Tech is all around us, in fact there is more tech in most people’s pockets and purses than there was in most computers 10 years ago.  Embrace it, use it to its fullest,and let it enrich your life.


  1. love the technology when your in a ffar away place , looking up places to eat and ordering food and all…

    but when your at home, familiar with the city and all .. the adventure begins when you walk into the resturant first and try the food for the first time.

    either way, technology compliments ordering out beforehand.


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