WiTricity: Going truly wireless may not be that far away

Posted: March 13, 2010 in technology
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Wireless electricity? Did i just walk into a Jetsons cartoon?

I was sitting in the waiting room of my optometrist’s office and flipping thru a magazine, well at least I was until the dilating drops kicked in and I couldn’t see anything up close and try as I may my arms were not long enough to hold the magazine out far enough I could focus, when I stumbled across an ad for wireless electricity. I know! I did a Chris Griffith “Whaaaaa…?!?!” as well.

The concept is simple in theory. A power source located centrally that emits waves of energy that can be picked up and used by devices.  Sounds simple anyway, until you start to really ponder it. What kind of energy? How do you stop the power from frying everything around it, or causing interference with other signals, equipment, and devices that you don’t want to recharge or power?

To most of us this is pure witchcraft or sorcery, but to the people at WiTricity, it’s their goal and dream, and seemingly one that is very near to fruition.  The ability to power our TV’s and recharge devices simply by having them in close proximity of the wall mounted power emitting panel is incredible and offers such potential its mind blowing.

How does it work? To grasp a true understanding of the technology, hop over to their website and have a read and watch the videos, but in simple terms (edited quote taken from their website)… “a WiTricity power source is positioned on the floor. It is connected to AC power and converts AC current to an oscillating magnetic field. The WiTricity capture device converts the magnetic energy to alternating current and powers the LCD TV.”

I for one love these kind of advances in technology and can’t wait to see them in real-world use.  Imagine coming home, dropping your celphone/smart phone near the emitter, watching a movie on a wall mounted TV completely free of wires, and sitting using your laptop near the emitter knowing you are not going to run out of power since its recharging as you use it.  These are just a couple of the domestic uses, once you start to consider the use in a commercial, industrial or institutional setting it’s really the stuff of sci-fi novels i read as a kid coming to life, mixed with a real world inventor’s genius.  It’s as if Isaac Asimov and Sir Isaac Newton were dropped into a room to do some brainstorming and came up with an idea that will change the way we use electronics.  I for one can’t wait to no longer be held captive by wired recharging of wireless devices.



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