Bell: Admitting there was a problem is a start…

Posted: March 20, 2010 in technology
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I was surprised to get an email from Bell my ISP about the problem that occurred with emails not being received. It shows they are trying to be more transparent and informative, rather than just leaving people wondering what the heck was going on.

But… instead of giving us a vague generic email with very little information, how about adding a link in it to a more detailed description of what happened, who was infected, how widespread it was, etc.  Maybe everyone doesn’t really care about the details, but some of us do like to know what the problem was that got fixed, not just be told it was resolved. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” doesn’t quite cut it with me.

Much like trying to find your email settings, or logging onto webmail with Bell, or finding account information, i find the Bell website tough to find the info you want without digging. Most of the time i end up googling what i am trying to do to find the link i need on the website.  To that end, i’m sure somewhere hidden on their website is an explanation or listing of outages, but why do they make it so tough to navigate to the info you are looking for. You shouldn’t have to put in your email address twice and go through a bunch of redirects and pages to finally get your webmail, and you shouldn’t have to search through forums and news stores to get to the bottom of issues that are  specific to your ISP.


  1. pam woodall says:

    ….and while we are talking about Bell, how about the mystery subscription to “Tone Club” that shows up on my cell bill every month, to which I didn’t subscribe, and from which Bell claims to not be able to disconnect me, as I didn’t subscribe in the first place. Huh? Suggestions welcome.


  2. tcg says:

    Pam, i’m guessing it’s not an actual Bell option, but one being billed to your Bell account. Similar to Ringtones Canada/motime/ Its a service that someone (if it wasn’t you) set up by texting or signing up online to your mobile number. Bell should be able to tell you what company it is and then you should be able to contact that company and stop the service. Ringtones Canada for instance you just text STOP to 63232 to cancel the service. Whatever service you are getting billed for should be something similar.
    Hope that helps, and thanks for reading,


  3. gerald says:

    I have tone club billing my sons phone as well.. any number to stop them????


    • tcg says:

      Sounds like the same problem, find out the company name from your celphone provider that is billing you via your phone bill and then contact that company directly.


  4. jenn says:

    I was having the same problem for months and have finally found out how to take it off my bill.

    go to your internet browser on your phone. click on tunes & apps go to the bottom of this page and click on my downloads next click on my subscriptions Then it should say TONE CLUB click on it and then there is an option that says remove.

    hope this helps you out!!


  5. Steve says:

    I have been given inaccurate directions from Bell’s own CSR’s about how to discontinue this spurious service of theirs. Thanks for sending me in the right direction.
    Now if I can convince them to refund a year of this unused service back they can keep me as a customer.

    Father of three soon to be cell-less teens


  6. lindsat says:

    i have had tone club charging me for almost a year and all SOLO does is reverse the charges. i cannot unsubscribe due to no internet access on my phone. i did not sign up for the tone club subscription and have no way of getting rid of it other than paying SOLO to change my number….what the heck is that about…its not my problem SOLO is allowing a ghost charge on my phone???


  7. Nancy K. says:

    I too was tagged with 12 months of “tone club” at $8.00 per month on my son’s phone. I called Bell Mobility and was told it was my own fault for not noticing sooner (my bill is over 85 pages). I accepted responsibility and asked to have it removed immediately. the charge then jumped to my personal cell phone and resulted in another call to Bell to get it removed. It is now back on my son’s phone and I am at my wits end as to how to get it removed permanently. Bell cannot or will not permanently block this service from my phone. Obviously Bell gets a “cut” of the monthly fee. Disgusting.


  8. Nancy K. says:

    I was told to go to Tone Club’s website directly to remove the service, but Bell was not able to give me the internet address and I cant find it. Great!


  9. Jak202 says:

    I’m having this same issue with the Tone Club (that I never subscribed yet am getting billed).  It is troubling that Bell is complicit in this scheme by not taking  action against this firm


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