Rogers My Account App for iPhone.

Posted: April 1, 2010 in iphone, organization
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Rogers released an app for the iphone a while ago and I recently downloaded it for the purpose of keeping better track of my data and phone usage.  I have often wondered how much airtime i’ve been using in a month and more to the point how much data i’m using since its the one that will cost you a small fortune if you go over your plan limit.


The app displays quite a bit of useful info about your iPhone usage once you get into it, but one of the annoying things is the fact you don’t input your account info.  Instead it grabs the info from your iPhone.  Sounds like a good thing right? Well, the trouble is, you have to be disconnected from your WiFi network to use it.  What they should have done is build the ability within the app to turn off your WiFi.  Rather than closing the app, going into settings, turning off WiFi and then reopening the app.  Not sure if it’s possible having never developed an iPhone app myself, but it seems to me if you know it’s a problem then instead of just telling us about it (see screen capture above), do something to fix the problem as well.


As i mentioned, the app pulls the info from your Rogers wireless account and presents it to you in a format that is easy to understand.  You can easily see whats owing on your account, your voice or data or text messaging usage including what your plan allows for.  It doesn’t show roaming usage that i could see, which i think would be a nice thing to be able to check while on the road.

Another little annoying thing is the fact that you can’t go back to a previous billing cycle.   You get to see the current one and thats it.  So if you happen to check your account on the first day of a billing cycle (see screen captures above) you will have very little info available to you.  I’m not sure why they didn’t give you the option to go back a month of two, but i’m assuming it was in an effort to keep it simple.  They can tell you when you last made a payment and the amount, but not the actual usage information.

It’s a free app, which is expected since when you think of it you are already forking over enough money to them every month, the least they can do is give you an app to see in a nice pretty little GUI exactly how much you are going to have to shell out for the pleasure of being so connected.



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