iPad Envy – who knew?

Posted: April 3, 2010 in Apple, hardware, technology
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Yep, i admit it, i’m suffering from iPad-envy.  Reading the tweets from twitter-friends i think is what is causing it today.  As so many take road trips to various border states in order to pick up their new toys (the picture above is from @reneritchie, he was tweeting his cross-border excursion).  It’s causing the tech-geek in me to want to get my greasy hands on one and play. (Btw, greasy hands from eating breakfast, i don’t typically wander around with greasy hands touching tech)

When it was announced, i, like most of the world interested in new technology, was thrilled with the device and all it was capable of.  It quickly became one of the most discussed and sought after devices and it wasn’t even on the market yet.  Working the hype machine is one thing Apple can do very well, designing devices that everyone wants is part of it, but MAKING everyone think they need them is another big part and one that i think Apple does better than anyone else out there.

Mostly my interest in the latest offering is due to my realization that it may be the perfect device for my kids. Yeah, sure, i’d like to play with one and i’m sure once used i would find numerous ways for it to become part of my tech world, but i’m in an office most of the day surrounded by computers with keyboards because its the nature of the biz i am in. Having another device that i have to hold to use is not something i need for work, i have an iPhone for txt messages, etc, and everything else is done on a pretty powerful computer with a large monitor and not just because of my aging eyes either.  Sure i could use a keyboard/dock for the iPad but do i really need one? The honest answer is sadly, no.

Where i do see needing one is at home.  My kids both have iPod Touches and they use them for a lot of things, mostly playing and staying in touch with friends and listening to music. One of the things i hear occasionally is.. “the screen is too small to do that“.  The “that” can be typing a letter, doing research for homework, even chatting with friends when there is more than one conversation going on.  Thats not to say that the iPod Touch would be replaced by the iPad, but used in conjunction with it.  Many of the things the kids do could be done so much better and easier on a larger screen, but when it comes to being mobile and taking their music on the road, there is still a need for the pocket-sized or purse-sized iPod.

The same could be said to some extent for the way my wife uses her aging iBook – the device, not the virtual book. That is still a name that baffles me a bit – why choose “iBooks” for the name of the downloadable books when not too long ago there was a device also by Apple called that very thing.  My wife uses her ibook often enough, even though she has a iPod Touch as well, but again the screen is a bit small, especially for web browsing, you spend too much time zooming in and out and even then some pages just don’t look all that good and are still difficult to use on such a small screen.  So again, advantage iPad.

For me, between my MacBook and my iPhone, i can do pretty much everything i want to, but i definitely see an iPad or two (or three) in my family’s future. Especially as older laptops are put out to pasture and need replacing, why replace with a new laptop when Apple’s answer to the netbook is cheaper and oh so much cooler.  And when it comes to kids, cool trumps practical.  Thankfully it seems Apple has combined both again.



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