Adding Email this Page and other extensions to Google Chrome

Posted: April 4, 2010 in Mac OSX, software, Windows
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One of the missing features in Google Chrome that bothered me when i first tried it is no longer missing. The ability to send a link or a portion of a webpage via email to someone.  It’s a feature i use a lot when browsing, sometimes to send stuff to myself for future reference, or to send to others that i think may need it or like it, and its the same whether you use the Windows or the Mac version.

I never bothered using Chrome much when it launched, since i find Safari on my Mac works so well, but in changing to a Win7 computer at work recently i was really getting tired of the speed  (or lack of) that i was seeing in using Internet Explorer 8 on it.  I found it horribly slow to start up and was getting “could not connect” errors nearly all the time when launching it.  So much so it made me want to re-evaluate my browser of choice. Still seems strange to me that Microsoft’s new operating system works better with the competition’s browser, but thats a story for another day. Suffice to say that for now, Chrome is the default browser on my Win7 PC.

The extension i am referring to is “Email this page” (click here if you want it) and is the first extension I added to Chrome on both my Mac OSX and my Win7 computers.

Once you have found the extension you are looking for, its a simple click and install, and you’ll have the much needed “Email this Page” ability added to your browser.

If you click the little wrench in the upper corner of the program and go into customizing you can see the extensions you have installed, and from that list you can browse for more. There are many.  Much like most of Google’s apps, they are open source enough that add-ons, or labs, or extensions are being created all the time by many people not just Google.

Check out the ever expanding list at

One thing about the “Email this page” extension the concerned me a bit was this little dialogue box, and i think i will look into it a bit more in depth to see exactly what i am sharing.

I have to wonder why it needs access to browsing history or any private data to be able to send an email of the current page to someone.  I would think all the “extension” needs is the current url, since all its doing is copying that to the body of your default email program.

All in all, Chrome is shaping up to be a contender in the browsing wars, at least for me. I’m tired of the constant updating of Windows IE8, and the speed at which it loads. Like most people when i want to find something i don’t need my browser getting in the way of the process, it can be hard enough to find exactly what you are looking for in the ever expanding interweb without being slowed down by the program that is supposed to be making searching possible.



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