The goofy ‘Publish on’ date setting in WordPress app

Posted: April 7, 2010 in blogging, iphone, Wordpress
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As you may know from previous posts I use WordPress (WP) for my blog and part of that is using the WP app (currently using version 2.4) on my iPhone.  It’s handy to have in case inspiration hits and I want to get the idea recorded quickly for fleshing out as a blogpost later.  (I reviewed the WP App a few months back here)

One of the little things that continues to bothers me is that when you start a blog entry using the WordPress iPhone App it seems to want to keep the publish date and time that you created the entry when you open it later using WordPress on a computer.

This post for instance started on Apr 3 as shown in the image above left, but unlike a post created using WP on a computer (image right), the Publish on date is set regardless of when you edit the post.  I made the mistake of not changing this once before publishing and was confused why my post didn’t show up on my blog, and depending upon how you notify people about new posts, it may not get picked up by whatever plug-in or service you use.  Maybe not a deal-breaker for some, but I have a habit of starting blog posts and then letting them stew until I have the time to work on them, which sometimes can be days or even weeks later depending upon the topic, etc.  I also may not post new entries in order of when started.  Some posts spew forth as fast as my fingers can type while others take more time and effort.

The Publish on issue isn’t just due to the fact I saved the post as draft either. I started a new post, left it as a local draft (in other words it was on the iPhone only, not saved to website as draft) went back later and updated the post, again saved local, and then later on saved to draft on my website.  The date and time embedded in the post are that of the time started, not when edited nor when saved to website.

I’m hoping that version 2.5 fixes this little glitch.  And while your at it WordPress, please put a DELETE button in the app for posts you start but decide against, or rework, or reword for whatever reason and decide you want to get rid of.  I’m guessing i’m not the only person to ever start a post and change my mind about it and also guessing i’m not the only one to post a new entry only to find it was backdated because of the Publish on issue.


  1. This is an interesting article. Thanks for sharing.


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