Lego, photos, and your iPhone, iPod or iPad. A fun little time-vampire.

Posted: April 15, 2010 in apps, iphone, software
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As if you haven’t already got enough distractions in your life, i’m going to tell you about another one. There is a cute little app that turns your pictures into LEGO block artwork. Okay, well not actually LEGO blocks, but a very good representation of them on your iPhone, iPod or iPad screen complete with sound effects when building it. I tested it on my iPhone, but the App store states it works on iPod and iPad too.

The app is free from the iTunes store and is relatively small, which I guess is not surprising since it really is a one-trick pony, but that one trick can really suck away time while you try it out on numerous photos.

* *

So how does it work?  When you start the app, you are presented with a very familiar looking green Lego building base complete with a few blocks and two blue buttons in the middle.  It’s a simple case of selecting whether you want to take a new picture with the camera (the top button) or select an existing photo from your photo albums (the bottom button that looks like a couple of file folders) and letting the app do its job.  When its ready to show you the “brick” rendering of your photo, you will see the Lego logo in the middle of the screen with a little finger displayed on the blue target like button.  Simple, sure, but cute and easy to understand.


Some photos definitely work better than others. Closeups of faces will give you better detail than group or two-shots. The size of the bricks cannot be changed so the detail is what it is. You can however change the colour scheme by just clicking on the image which seems to give better results depending upon the colours you started with.  Its cool to see the image as it washes over the image changing the colours – ooh, and don’t forget to have the volume turned up to hear the clicking together of the virtual blocks.

All in all, its a great little app that can be a lot of fun, although once you tried it out on a number of photos i can’t see it being something you would use again very often, except maybe to show others what fun it can be.  If there were a few more options to it insofar as the ability to change the resolution of the image by adjusting either the type or size of the Lego bricks, then that might add to its usability and lifespan, but as it is now, its definitely a good way to kill a few minutes and give you a few chuckles as well.

BTW the last image is my kids posing in front of their pumpkins they carved for halloween last year.  Yeah, i can’t see it either no matter how much i squint.



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