BlackBerry Desktop for Mac Update 1.0.3

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Mac OSX, software
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When i had a BlackBerry, one of the things that annoyed me most was that there was no software from the developer, RIM, native to the Mac.  They fixed that a while back, finally. Too late for me mind you since i had already switched to my iPhone, but i know there are still other Mac users who still like their “berries” or haven’t switched over to iPhones for various reasons.  The software got updated last week, and as always i cannot stress enough BACKUP FIRST before applying the update.  It’s always good practice to do so, but maybe more so with this latest version since i’ve read more than a few comments from users having issues with it.

here’s the update link for NA (north america) BB’s to Version 1.0.3

Remember backup everything first, you may want to go back a version if you experience issues.


  1. Phillers says:

    I tried PocketMac (sucked) and Missing Sync (sucked a little less, but I had to pay for it) for my BB Storm. This new RIM Desktop Manager though is free and pretty easy to use. Do back up as suggested. I lost some Calendar appointments after the update. Works much faster than other syncing apps for Crackberrys too, but I wish I could use the Bluetooth instead of having to look for the cable and plugging in all the time. BTW, for those of us still using BBs, download “MiPhone” from the Blackberry App World and you can get an iPhone interface for your Storm. The next best thing until your contract is up.


  2. tcg says:

    I agree. I had the PocketMac program for mine and disliked it tremendously. The Missing Sync was better but didn’t feel Mac-ish in my opinion, more like a port of a windows program to Mac.

    I reviewed BlackBerry Desktop Mgr when it first came out…

    and the Missing Sync sometime back as well…

    i’m glad i have an iPhone now, i don’t miss my berry at all.


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