Best. iPhone Stand. Ever.

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A while back I made an offhand comment to a coworker and old friend about bobble-heads. It was after seeing Dwight’s on The Office. We searched around on the web and found places where you could have custom bobble-heads made from photos you send in. You could also get them to hold an iPhone which is kinda what I wanted but didn’t know who I would want a bobble-head of.
Flash forward a year or so.  My buddy had honed his sculpting skills even more (if he ever got his website up to show off his work I wouldn’t be the only one extolling his talent), figured out how he could sculpt bobble-heads, and had made his first based on frankenstein’s monster (i call him Franken-bobble).  The detail and workmanship is great and his warped take (I mean that in a good way) on the classic monster is fun and original. Thats about when the idea started forming for my iPhone stand/bobble-head.

I left it more or less up to him as what it would be and how he would do it, the only stipulation i made was it needed to hold my iPhone and should be able to do it in portrait mode, but even that wasn’t set in stone.  It should also be able to allow the iPhone to be plugged in for syncing/charging since as anyone who has an iPhone knows, they need to be charged pretty much every day.

Occasionally  my buddy would ask a question or two, as the idea gained steam and solidity. Measuring of the iPhone and the connector as well as questions about colours and small details without really letting me know what to expect other than the somewhat telling conversation about clowns we had one day.

Many days and 53 hours of hands-on working time (not including the baking and drying time) the iPhone stand to beat all iPhone stands was presented to me. I’ve taken a number of photos of it in an attempt to capture the details and thought that went into this one of a kind work of art, but they really don’t do it justice.

The inspiration may have been partially influenced by me for the zombie-clown, well, in all fairness me and the creators of the hilarious video game Left 4 Dead and also a lot of zombie movies, but the style, the theme, and incredible detail is all the artist’s.  From the small nick out of the one ear, the missing flesh on the arm, the exposed skull in a couple of places, the faded greasepaint face makeup, the empty boxes of popcorn near his big clown shoes complete with untied laces, the gnarled looking knife clutched behind his back, and the way his clothes hang on a body that is obviously slowly decaying, the workmanship is wonderful and as a matter of fact I keep noticing additional little details each day.  The slowly deflating balloons clutched in a gloved hand behind the wooden chair that supports the torn and battered poster advertising the clown as well as my iPhone is so carefully designed and sculpted and stable enough for me to type on without removing it.

To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I was expecting a one of a kind piece after seeing his other works, and knew I would be getting something well done, but never expected something so intricate, so elaborate, so byzantine.

Anyone who knows me knows I am rarely (if ever) at a loss for words, but to borrow from the TV show Seinfeld “I am speechless. I am without speech”.  All I can say to my talented friend is thank you. Pera sudo the zombie clown will be gracing my desk and holding my iPhone with pride for a very long time. Unless of course he comes to life and attacks me in my sleep. Wow, i have got to lay off the chocolate covered pretzels before bed.


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