WeatherEye: A better Weather App

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Apple, apps, iphone
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Weather.  As Canadians we seem to be obsessed with it.  We talk about it when there is nothing else to say, to break the ice so to speak “Cold/hot/wet enough for you?” but also we talk about it because we want to.  Its a strange thing, it’s like we are a nation of old people sitting around watching the Weather Network and discussing whether that cold front is going to bring moisture with it, etc.  Maybe it is because the weather here can be so extreme, from cooking hot to freezing cold, sometime in the span of only a few days. Some swear by the Farmer’s Almanac, others by their local tv weatherperson, some by their “rheumatiz” or aching joints meaning there is rain coming, and most commonly The Weather Network on TV.

I’ve used the Apple default weather app on my iPhone since I got the phone, but noticed of late it seemed to be a few degrees different than what I was seeing on the weather channel and my own thermometer outside which got me looking for a better app. I found one, from the Weather Network and the difference between the two apps is like night and day. For one, the Weather Network app “WeatherEye” seems to be right. For another, I get to see the weather from a few smaller towns and cities that aren’t available on the default app.

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The Weather Network App is free and installs with only a couple of simple questions – why it asks how old you are baffles me, but it wants to know so I let it.  After which you can select which cities you want weather info about, either by typing them in or letting the app find locations near you.  Location aware apps are becoming more and more prevalent and for the most part I love them when it comes to getting info specific about where you are at the time. There is a fine line between letting people know where you are all the time and letting an app know so it can make your information location specific. It’s not safe to be tweeting where you are or constantly updating your location on Facebook or any other program that is going to allow ne’er-do-wells to follow you. But thats a topic for another time. (note to self – that’s a topic for a blog post)


For me the Weather Network app lets me see the city I work in and the city I live in, which even though they are only a few kms apart, the weather can be slightly different especially since the weather for many cities is measured at the airport.  In fact, the location aware program can be used to locate a number of cities or towns around the town you are in giving you a better and more precise weather report. The app gives you a Current report, a short term or daily report, and a long term or 5-day forecast including such important things as wind speed and direction, and precipitation types and amounts.

The app also lets you see weather maps – unfortunately the weather around here was pretty clear so the screen captures don’t illustrate the different colours they would if there were storms around.

All in all, its a great app and much better than the default Apple supplied one that comes with your iPhone or iPod (and possibly iPad but I’m not sure about that one yet).  And did I mention its free?

Works well, simple to use, is accurate, and is free.  It’s like having your own tiny meteorologist tucked away in your pocket, without all the complaining about it being dark and stuffy in there.


  1. Rob A says:

    I *LOVE* WeatherEye for my BlackBerry. I used to love it for my desktop as well. Then they pushed out a new version that apparently doesn’t play well with Windows 7. It used to sit in the system tray all nice and happy. Now, in addition to sitting in the tray it also sits on the taskbar. Sure, there’s an option to ‘hide on taskbar’ – unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. I’m one of those people that are picky about what is sitting up on my taskbar and having it there serving absolutely no purpose just annoys me way too much. But I agree with you – Weather Network has put out a great program for many platforms!


  2. BRay says:

    Do I have to read this? I don’t own an iphone.


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