That day again, June 3rd

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Well, another year has gone by since the day my brother was killed by a driver not paying attention. I won’t use the word accident, because it was a clear case of the other driver not paying attention, possibly driving a road that was all too familiar and running through a stop sign in his pickup truck, crashing into my brother’s motorcycle, ending his life and forever changing the lives of all that knew him, and robbing his kids of a dad.

There is no upside, there is no lesson being learned, there really is no justice, nothing being done to ensure it won’t happen again, it’s just a moment in time, forever engrained in all the memories of those that knew him. A senseless death all because a young inexperienced driver wasn’t paying attention.

If anything can be learned from it, it’s just this.  Life is fragile and you never know when its going to end or be snatched away from you. Live it.

rest in peace big brother



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