I’ll take my Apple with a grain of Salt

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Apple, apps, hardware, iphone, software
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At first I (like many i’m sure) did a lot of oohh-ing and aahhh-ing about all the new features of the iPhone 4 and the now renamed iOS4. They are both impressive and worthy of most of the hype and tech news coverage. To quote Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report the day the iPhone was officially announced… “The only problem with the new iPhone released today is I don’t have one.”

After you sit down and really listen to what was being said you realize that some of the claims are a bit of a stretch though.  One that jumps out is that you would almost get the impression that Apple invented video-calling “We are bringing video-calling to the world“.  They didn’t invent it, they aren’t even the first to enable it on a phone, but they may just be the ones to make it commonplace like they did with the mp3 player.  Everyone has heard of the iPod, it has become synonymous with mp3 player, taking over the market and becoming the benchmark for others to compare against.  Sure the video-calling and the laminated display that make the images so clean and life-like are amazing features but lets not get too full of ourselves here Apple “…apps can show more detail than you’ve ever seen on any device before…”.  Any device? Really?  I guess if you go with the key word being “apps” then that is true, but the resolution is not better than any device made, just any hand-held smart phone currently on the market. A couple of the Google phones are very close though.

Anyone who follows me on twitter may have already read my rants about a couple of comments that really urked me during the iPhone 4 video.  (I was busy during the keynote address, so had to watch the recap later) “We developed an entirely new grade of stainless steel”  WTH?  Apple is getting into metallurgy now as well?  What they really meant was they are using a newer type of stainless steel, one that is stronger and lighter and uses less nickel in its production.  But they didn’t actually invent it.  From what I can glean, it would seem they are referring to using 445m2 stainless, which has been around a couple years.

Another was “We also have developed a custom glass…“.  Same basic issue with this as above.  They are using the latest and greatest techniques and formulas in the production of their glass which is being used on the front and back of the new iPhone 4 but the actual type of glass is not invented by Apple, they just worked with the manufacturers of the components to come up with products that fit their lofty ideas. While we are on the subject, why a glass back? Cuz we weren’t spending enough time trying to keep the front clean already?  If you are like me, you are often rubbing your iPhone on your sleeve or pant leg or shirt-tail in order to clean off the fingerprints like it was a magic lamp and the Apple Genie was going to pop out to grant you 3 wishes.  Wish no.1 being glass that doesn’t show fingerprints.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of reasons for Apple to be strutting around like a proud peacock.  The software included with the new iPhone 4, which will also be available for the previous versions of the iPhone, does have some wonderful new features. Folders for Apps, threaded email, Multi-tasking, iBooks, iMovie, etc.  The list goes on, and so far I love all the ones i’ve tried (except maybe the digital zoom on the camera – why the heck do you ever want to use a digital zoom? it sure is easy to use. the slider just glides along magnifying the pixels, but will i ever use it? no.) but what I am most excited about is a hardware issue.  The 5 megapixel camera that is capable of recording HD video at 30 fps.  – This. Is. Huge.

Goodbye to the need to carry around more than one device.  Gone are the days of having an mp3 player, a still camera, a cel phone and a movie camera. Not only that but they stole a little innovation that i’ve missed since switching from my BlackBerry to my iPhone.  An LED flash for the camera.  Sometimes you just can’t rely on natural light.  If they can somehow get an optical zoom squeezed into the very thin and tightly packed case i’d be in heaven.  Well, geek-heaven at least.

I’m sure i’ll be near the front of the line on June 24th when they are available, and may even jump ahead in the line and pre-order one June 15th if upgrade deals are available from my current provider at that time.  I’m not sure if “This changes everything” or not yet, but i am sure of one thing, there are big changes in this latest iPhone and we may be on the verge of a game changing moment when it comes to video-calling from a mobile device.



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