WordPress Plug-in Problems

Posted: June 18, 2010 in blogging, Wordpress
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It was a wacky problem I was having. Seemed to be intermittent, which as anyone who tries to troubleshoot anything knows – be it computers, cars, or personal health – those are the worst. “It only does it occasionally” is one of those phrases that makes tech-geeks, mechanics and doctors shudder.

The plugin I use to gather subscribers email addresses is called Subscribe2 and had been working without issue for some time. Until very recently that is.  After searching around a bit , checking out the developers website and forum/blog etc, I stumbled across a thread on Get Satsfaction.  If you are not familiar with Get Satisfaction you might want to be.  Its a great place to find info and see the issues and errors other people are having and what has been tried to fix it, and if you are lucky the developers are also on there too so you can get first hand help and advice.  http://getsatisfaction.com/

I’m trying out the WP Mail SMTP plugin to see if changing from the default PHP mail to SMTP for sending out notifications will work. Also, WP 3.0 is out and I installed it last night. (note to anyone having issues with the auto-install of WordPress 3.0 – turn off your plug-ins and then try.  worked like a charm for me.)  With the reported over 2700 changes in WordPress 3.0 i’m hoping for good things, so far i like the tweaks i’ve seen.

So i’m posting this blog entry in two parts to see if the problem is fixed. I am also going to deactivate the WP Mail SMTP plug-in and test if the email notifications still work, but that’s part 2.

to be cont’d…



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