Voila 3: Redux

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Mac OSX, software
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After my last post about updating to Voila 3, I  got a couple of emails from the developers of Voila, Global Delight, clarifying a couple of points about their software.

I strive to not propagate incorrect information on my blog,  and I definitely don’t want it to become a “Wikipedia” of tech sites (a pet peeve of mine:  anyone who uses Wikipedia as a resource should do so very carefully since anyone and their dog can post “definitions”  or “content” without having to back up their information), so I thought I should take the time and follow up on the review as well as reply to the developers comments in the form of a new entry just to clear things up.

Assigning Hot Keys

One comment I made was dealing with the lack of quick-keys, which isn’t correct.  Quick keys are available in the program preferences under the tab “Hot Keys” and are user customizable.  I just didn’t realize that two of them came out of the box undefined.  (look at the image from the previous post for Voila Version 3 and you’ll see what I mean – they were blank)   I’m used to seeing them abbreviated next to the commands in the menu, so when they were blank but the others in the menu were defined, I assumed incorrectly they were not available.   As you can see in the adjacent image, I have now defined them ( a couple of times so far, since I can’t settle on a hot key combo that makes sense for me).  My mistake. One final note on this issue, if you try to define a hot key that is already in use, you get a warning which is very nice, because I have a terrible memory for hot keys and really wasn’t sure when I tried a couple out if they were already in use.

Another comment was about the inability to use Voila to perform a screencapture on itself.  This is not entirely true, but also not entirely false.  According to the helpful people over at Global Delight who replied to my review, if you hold the option key while making your selection you can use the program on itself.  I tried it and it works for a screencapture of a screencapture as shown in the image, but still does not allow me to take a screencapture of the Voila menu.  The “assigning hot keys” image was taken with Grab since I just couldn’t get it to work in Voila regardless of which keys I held, or how much contorting of my fingers I did.

endless tunnel of screencaptures

The resulting image of the screencapture of a screencapture is kinda fun though.

The other comment I made about the way the program forgets the position and size of its window upon opening has an explanation from the developers too.  It is supposed to do that… “Voila window size is dependent on the screen resolution. Higher the screen resolution, higher the default window size.”

I can see their point and what they are trying to do, but I still think the window should not appear behind the dock on startup since it makes it difficult to drag the bottom corner up to resize the window.  It may only be a problem on 13″ MacBooks and MacBookPros though, i haven’t tried installing on a different Mac to see if it differs.

Many thanks for the very quick response from Team Voila and Guru over at Global Delight (www.globaldelight.com) for their comments and further information, they have made a very good program all that much better for me to use.


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