Over 46% profit. Are you F-ing kidding me?

Posted: July 21, 2010 in hardware, technology
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I’m outraged.

When a friend sent me the link to the CBC News story from earlier this week about the Canadian wireless prices and the Big 3 profits I was appalled.  Here’s the link to the article that made me just sit and shake my head in disgust… http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2010/07/19/canada-wireless-profit.html

I’m all for companies making a profit, that’s capitalism and its the basis of a free market society, but don’t screw us over completely and expect us to say thank you.  Where’s the supposed competition between the companies?  Seems to me they just agree amongst themselves how much they are gonna demand and then we have to pay that or go without. Which may be why only 69% of the population has cell phones, the other 31% just can’t afford it.

We are paying more per month, but not in per minute charges, its mostly the add-ons such as caller display, voicemail, and data, that drive up the overall cost per month that we as Canadians are forking out every month.  With the Big 3 controlling the market with nearly 95% is there any hope for the newer startups to create competition?  Also, with the price fixing that seems to be occurring switching amongst any of the big 3 to another one will do you little good.  Check the blogs & sites, they are all as bad as one another.  But they all like to complain how little money they are making.  Maybe they should stop comparing their profits to that of the Banks and the LCBO and look at what most companies – even the well run ones – get in the way of profits.  According to Stats Canada, the average small to medium business is 9% profit.

I may not be up with the new math, but i’m pretty sure 46% is still a lot better than 9%.



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