Quick tip: Making text bigger while browsing in Safari

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Apple, Mac OSX, software, Windows
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In Safari, one of those little-used toolbar icons is the on with the small A and the larger A next to it.   Its one of my favorites but strangely quite a few people don’t realize what its for. (the screengrab is the Mac version, but Windows version is similar)

For me, when using my 13″ MBP,  I often find websites to be a little small and difficult to read (hold off on the old-man jokes please), especially if there are images that were sized for larger screens and then the website is squished down to suit my screen and resolution, or text that may seem fine in certain lighting but proves to be difficult to read in others.  That’s when my mouse slides up to the pair of A’s and increases the size for more comfortable less straining reading.  It also works well to get rid of sidebar distractions and other non-essential parts of the webpage giving you a cleaner easier to see look.

so this...

... becomes this

All with a couple clicks of a menu button (or the keyboard shortcut command + on Mac, CTRL + on windows) I can now read without straining to see.

Making things bigger is only half of it though.  Its also handy when you want to see more of a certain page that may not display well without a lot of scrolling up and down.  With a little zooming out by clicking on the smaller A in the toolbar (keyboard shortcut command – on mac, CTRL – on windows) you can fit more of the webpage on your screen as illustrated in the screengrabs below.

* *

And when you want to take it back to actual size, well, right in the Safari menu under “View” is “Actual Size” (command 0, or CTRL 0 for keyboard shortcut junkies) .  Gotta love it, when what you are looking for actually makes sense don’t you.

So hopefully a few more of you can stop straining and looking for your reading glasses when using Safari and just click a button to embiggen the websites for you. As long as you can see the icons in the toolbar that is.


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