Printing directly from an iPod or iPhone (or iPad?)

Posted: August 10, 2010 in apps, hardware, iphone, software, technology
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When I bought our new HP wireless network printer for home, an HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One C309g, I did so for a number of reasons, one of which I saw advertised but didn’t have much faith in, nor did I think I would be using it that much.

I was wrong.
The feature in question is the ability to print directly from your iPhone or iPod to the HP printer without going thru a computer or having to copy anything off the “i” device. All it needs is a simple free APP  installed on the iPod or iPhone (check it out in iTunes store here) and it works with over 200 models of HP printers. (according to HP’s website, there are Android and Windows Mobile versions available too)

The software that comes with the printer installs easily on our Macs and works well for scanning, giving you many options of how you want to scan (either from the display on the All-in-One  printer/scanner/copier, or from the computer) and where you want the file to be stored and in what format.  The options may not be as numerous as some, but really, how many formats do you really need for images?

I haven’t installed the software on the WinXP Netbook yet since it came on CD, and of course the Netbook has no cd drive.  I’m sure it’s a case of downloading the software directly from HP’s site, which i just haven’t done yet.  Or failing that, as i’ve done before, copy the software over to a USB thumbdrive and install from that to the Netbook if the software isn’t easy to find online.

I found the wireless printing from the iPhone and from my MacBookPro seemed to work best when in close proximity to the printer.  Seems strange since the network wasn’t any closer in doing so, in fact they were both further away from the router but seemed to communicate more reliably than when the devices were in different parts of the house.  I had to check and make sure I had not enabled Bluetooth on the devices but it was off.   But enough about that, what I really want to concentrate on is the HP printing App.

Printing from the iPhone/ iPod app is a no brainer.  Open the app, select the photo from the library on your idevice and then adjust the settings to suit.  You can move the image around to crop the way you want and adjust the image size as well as the paper size.  Doesn’t have quite as many options as with the full printer settings available on a Mac or Windows machine, but it’ll do a decent job and does it without syncing or offloading of photos from the iPhone to your computer.

* *

Had a few issues with cheap photo paper not feeding into the printer well. I picked up a pack of 4″x6″ paper from the dollar store and i’ve wasted half of the pack due to paper jams in the printer, but for the most part it worked nice and easy considering it was new software and a new printer, and I didn’t bother reading the manuals on either.

* *

To adjust the cropping, you simply touch the image and you can then drag it around to crop as you want as shown in the screenshots above.  As you probably already know 4″x6″ is not quite the 4:3 ratio that cameras actually shoot in so there is always a little cropping going on, you might as well adjust it to show the parts you want or just leave it and it will autocrop taking a bit off the top and bottom to suit the 4″x6″ paper.

Aside from cropping, you can also twist the image using your fingers which rotates it on the printed page, and if you pinch or spread you fingers apart on the image, you will zoom in and out.  Basically how you would expect any app to work that came from Apple but this one didn’t, it’s an HP app.  Intuitive and easy to use. Nice.  I am more and more impressed with HP every time I encounter one of their devices or as I am seeing now, Apps.  Now if we could just get them to stop installing all that free bloatware on their new PCs i’d be happy. But I digress… again.

All-in-all for an All-in-One, i’m pretty impressed.  The printer gives relatively good quality prints at a decent speed,  The scanning works well (although i had issues scanning from the all-in-one and having it send to the computer) and best of all, with the aid of a simple free App you can print directly from an idevice (i’m gonna have to assume iPad works too since we don’t have one in the house. yet) which lets the kids print a little easier as well as quicker and who doesn’t like quicker for pretty much everything nowadays.  Add to that not having to fumble around looking for a “sync” cord and it just keeps getting better.

And,… if it does in fact work with an iPad as well as it does with the iPhone, that will be another Pro to add to the list of reasons why we should be getting one, or two, or three.


  1. Wow! This is amazing! Thank you for sharing this information. I hope I can also use it in printing my photos.


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