Site5 Hosting. My thoughts after half a year

Posted: August 22, 2010 in blogging, website design
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I am always on the lookout for things that peak my interest or grab my attention so much I need to blog about them. So when I saw a request for reviews of Site5 from @Site5 on twitter I thought – hey what a great idea. Even without the promise of $5 for doing it. (but don’t get any ideas about reneging Site5, I’ll take the money.)

I switched from my old host because I was tired of the constant errors while composing blog entries.  I would be typing away letting the words flow from my brain effortlessly onto the screen and then go to save, and nothing, nada, it would just sit and sit and sit and eventually hang without saving.  If I was lucky there might be an autosave that was close to being current, but typically no.  I got used to using the “back” button on the browser to try and get the previous work in progress to show so I could copyclip it out and try and insert it again.  Yeah, fun.

I decided enough was enough and started looking for a new website host, and made mention of that fact on Twitter.  I got quite a few recommendations and one in particular stood out. Site5.  Checking out the pricing and the information about their services I decided to take to jump ship from my old host (Netfirms) and try them out.  The migration of email providers is always easy, but not necessarily the migration of your website, especially if you have been doing that blogging thing for a while.  I copied over the files using a FTP program with a little help from the Site5 online help who was very quick to respond to email inquiries.  The database on the other hand kept giving me errors.  404 errors and other issues that were not just site propagation problems were ocurring and the Site5 people were very helpful and usually responded within minutes.  I had saved out the database and copied it over but for whatever reason there was some issues with certain parts of it.  The Site5 people checked it out for me and noticed the errors and even tried to hand correct the code for me, but to no avail.  There was discussions about getting a new dump from my old host, but i didn’t see that happening quickly.  It was a new twitter follower Ben@site5 (the CEO of Site5 – nice to know that the higher ups actually still stay involved with customers) that suggested using the WPDatabase backup within WordPress to save out the file since it was taking forever for Netfirms to return any of my phonecalls or answer an emails support requests.

Worked like a charm. I exported the database and copied it over to the new Site5 server and was up and blogging in no time.  I’ve only noticed one other time that something went amiss with my website.  I got a message saying it was not available when I tried to navigate to it, but by the time i had logged into the Site5 control panel to check out the issue it already said they were working on the issue and in fact it was fixed up within minutes.  Gotta love it.

Speed-wise, I never have any trouble saving anymore so my blog entries (like this one) can flow directly onto the virtual page without any hiccups, which is definitely a good thing when it comes to writing.  Having to try and remember what you wrote and try to rewrite it is a terrible feeling as well as being a real hinderance to the creative process, and one I am glad I am not being plagued with anymore.

Colour me happy.  Great hosting, fast and helpful support, and a genuine interest in keeping customers happy.  All that at a good price.  What more can you ask for?


  1. tcg says:

    from site5…

    “Thank you for the excellent review. We really do appreciate the fact
    that you took the time out to do this for us, and I hope we can
    continue to provide you the excellent hosting and support you have
    detailed in that review.

    Thank you again for getting this written up for us, and if there is anything else we can do for you – please feel free to ask anytime. ”

    It’s nice to know they do read reviews as well and take the time to let you know.


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