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Posted: August 27, 2010 in Apple, apps, hardware, iphone, technology
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I did it. I got an iPhone4.

To anyone who knows me at all, that statement probably comes as no surprise. I knew I wanted one but wasn’t sure when they were announced if I was eligible for an upgrade yet.  I also knew regardless of that I wasn’t going to be lined up to buy one on the first day. Don’t get me wrong I do like to be on the “bleeding edge” but those wants and desires need to be balanced with my work and home schedules and also that of the old pocketbook.  Mostly the pocketbook.

As it turned out there was a way to check online with my cellular provider to see if I was eligible, and for better or worse it wasn’t working prior to the Canadian launch day.  I kept getting told I was not eligible yet, but then for some reason decided to check again on launch day and lo and behold it had changed and it was upgrade time for me.


After the initial thought of ..”damn, if i’d known earlier…“,  reality set in and I realized I wouldn’t have spent a night in line waiting anyway, but now, how do I get my hands on one?  Stock was already gone and not even all the people who had waited in line got one.  After spending a few days checking with the various stores either in person or by phone, I put my name on a couple of call lists and waited.  I kept checking in with one of the store managers via txt message too (you can bet he was regretting letting me know his celphone number) My persistence paid off.  I didn’t have to wait that long. I got a txt message and rushed into the store since it was “whoever gets here first“.

Case Program App

order placed!

Of course the first thing i did was download the Case Program App and order my free iPhone4 case.  Got my confirmation back pretty quick and even though the standard 2-4 weeks is quoted, the ship date on the email confirmation was over a month from the order date, with a delivery date another week after that. So it seems math isn’t Apple’s strong suit.
Getting back to the actual device, which is a thing of beauty for the most part.  I’m not going to say it’s perfect, but it sure is getting close.

Here’s my brief comments, since everyone and their dog has been blogging about the iPhone4 so much, i’ll try not to hit on the same old tired points.

Syncing is so0oo much faster.  Doing a restore of the apps, photos, music, calendars, etc that were on my old iPhone 3G used to take about an hour for the 6 gig of data on it.  The new iPhone4,  10 minutes.  I know that the latest iOS4 update did slow down my iPhone3G but even before that the backing up and restoring or even syncing process in iTunes was becoming brutally slow, which now with the faster processor and more ram of the latest iPhone is crazy fast.

The shape.  its something I need to get used to.  Having had my old curved side iphone3g at my side for the past almost 2 years, it is a very different feel to the new square side 4.  The buttons on the side for the mute and volume controls are much nicer, but I find for some reason I am holding the 4 differently and blocking the speaker with a finger an awful lot more than the 3g.  That may change when the case arrives though, since it will be less slippy after that.

Multitasking. Wow. Having had a crackberry before the iPhone3g I knew what multitasking on a “phone” was like, but got used to it being gone since there wasn’t nearly as many apps in use at the same time on the blackberry.  Once iOS4 came out and I tried it on my wife’s iPhone3GS I was missing it big time though.  Now, seeing the way it works on this new iPhone4 I am in love with multitasking and don’t know how I ever got by without it or what took Apple so long to implement it.  I realize they like to get things “just right” but seriously, this should have been on the must-have list long ago.

Orientation lock.  this is one feature I love and again I have to say “what took so long Apple?”  Too often when using the iPhone if you twist your wrist too much or lay it too close to horizontal the darn orientation flips, and sometimes you really don’t want it too.  The orientation lock in the multi-task toolbar at the extreme left end solves all that.  It even gives you a little indication at the top of your screen on the right hand side to let you know its enabled.  Nice.

multitasking bar

orientation lock button

orientation lock indicator

One other thing I want to touch on is the speed of Apps. Simple things like launching and using Twitter apps or opening a book in iBooks, or Safari, etc, are all so much faster.

I thought it was just my cel service was slow, but it seems a lot of the slowness was in fact caused by the old iPhone itself.  Sure some of that can be chalked up to multi-tasking keeping certain apps open, but to debunk that thought I closed all apps and opened them on the iPhone4 and iPhone3g at the same time. The difference is night and day. No more waiting to send a txt message, update emails, send a tweet, etc.

To sum up, if you already have a 3GS then you may not really need to upgrade, since most of the features that make an iPhone great already work for you.

But, if you are looking for your first iPhone or have a 3G like I did, then the iPhone4 is definitely worth it and will have you wondering how you ever lived without one.

One last thing, I had intended on touching on my new fave app which only runs on the iPhone4, iMovie, but this post was getting rather wordy so i’ll save that for a separate entry.


p.s. – Little side note, if you are still waiting for an iPhone4 I keep getting txt messages from my provider, Rogers, a couple times a week telling me of more stock coming in and when and even how many of which size.  Apple and its suppliers are frantically trying to fill the requests it seems so it shouldn’t be too long before everyone that wants one has one.  Sadly there is no way of getting off that list though, but hey, good to know they are trying to keep everyone informed.


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