200 posts later…

Posted: October 19, 2010 in blogging
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May 2006 was my first official “blog post” and  although i’d had a website for quite some time before that, it was mostly static with infrequent updates.  So officially my first “blog” entry was 200 posts ago.

Looking back I had big ideas and ideals which I think overall I have kept to. I promised myself this would never become a chore, which is why sometimes a week or more can go by without an update.  Throughout that time, i’ve tried to be informative and helpful, and from the feedback i’ve had i’d say its been mostly successful.  This is after all, a labour of love, and was not meant to be a money-making endeavor.  That is why when I get feedback saying “thanks, you helped solve my problem” or “I took your advice and couldn’t be happier” it makes this all worthwhile.

So i’d like to take this chance to say thanks constant reader for following along on this journey with me.  I write about what interests me, or intrigues me, fascinates me, or sometimes infuriates me (i have one of these in the works right now), and I hope that you find something of use in my posts. As always, I welcome and encourage your replies, email and comments, good or bad, let me know what you think.  As much as its cathartic at times to write, its always nice to be read.

Here’s to the next 200 posts,


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