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Posted: November 10, 2010 in iphone, Mac OSX, software, Windows
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I don’t want to seem like a sell-out or promote programs I don’t know much about, but I was made aware of some video converting software for both Windows and Mac that is available free for a limited time and wanted to spread the word, even though I haven’t had a lot of time to try it out.

An email came into my inbox the other day and at first I thought it was spam or junk, but much to my surprise it was legitimate.  The word FREE always gives me pause when used in an email.  Anyway, as it turns out, it is free for a limited time and I would recommend anyone who needs an easy to use video converter go grab this one before the 15th of November.  The name is a bit deceiving, MacX Video Converter Pro, considering its for both Mac and Windows.

email excerpt...

I downloaded it and installed it, using the license code on the website (the same as the one adjacent).  One goofy little thing was when I checked to see if I had the latest version it said I did, but still gave me the ability to upgrade.  So being bold and daring, clicked the Upgrade button and was taken to the website which proclaimed the latest version was 3.1.1 and I could download it.  The goofy thing is, I already have version 3.1.2.

Oops, a minor glitch it seems.  But nothing to worry about.

As you can see from the email excerpt, the license code you get is the same for everyone, which probably makes it easy for them to track support requests for the FREE version, which according to the website is not available for the free license version.

what are you waiting for? go grab it!

Like I said, I haven’t had much time to put it through its paces, but from what i’ve seen so far the presets are numerous and the interface is easy to understand.  Add that to the fact its free and you should probably grab it and check it out for yourself.

If you are familiar with HandBrake you will get the hang of this software quickly.

When i’ve got a bit more time, I plan on doing a head to head comparison and see how this software stacks up against one of the more well known and established video converter programs out there, HandBrake.  I’ve been using HandBrake for years to get videos off computers and into a format that iTunes understands so they can be loaded onto iPhones and iPods, and anything that can speed up that time consuming process would be very welcome.  Time is something we never have enough of, and speaking of which the clock on this offer is ticking.


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  2. Ahmed Anmol says:

    Total Video Converter does support a wealth of audio and video formats, including 3GP,
    PSP, AVI, MOV, and SWF. On top of that, it can rip DVDs and cut movies into smaller,
    more manageable fragments. In our testing, we appreciated the program’s conversion speed
    and quality. Total Video Converter is well-suited for batch conversion. We found the interface
    straightforward, with one minor exception: the cumbersome Select Format dialog. Unfortunately,
    none of these features come for free: in addition to the 15-day restriction, the trial version
    stamps movies with a registration reminder. The $45.95 registration fee may make your jaw drop,
    too. Though it’s not exactly a bargain, Total Video Converter is much more complete and competent
    than most of its competitors. If price is no object, it’s definitely worth a look.


    • tcg says:

      Thanks for the info, i removed the link since i won’t trust anything with a zip file in it, but anyone interested in more info on the program can google Total Video Converter or check out
      Like you said, its not a free program, so that is definitely a strike against it, but then again MacX Video Converter is only free for a limited time too.


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