Winter safety and your portable tech.

Posted: December 11, 2010 in hardware, technology
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Its winter.   Okay, so maybe not according to the calendar, but one look outside for most of us tells us it is.  Watching the cars fishtail down the road as we all relearn how to drive in the winter is a good indicator.  Over the past few weeks the automotive shops have been busy putting on snow tires or replacing worn out tires and winterizing our rides.  No surprise there, we all know what we need to do to get ready for winter, but I bet many people don’t think about the stuff inside their car when they are getting the outside of it ready for their daily commutes.
I’m not talking about the jug of washer fluid in the trunk or the jumper cables.  I’m referring to the little things like putting your laptop bag stowed safely in the trunk or seatbelted in just in case you do get into an accident, restraining your belongings – purses, camera bags, backpacks, etc. – all those things you carry with you become projectiles in a sudden stop, crash, or worse yet, a roll-over.  I’ve taken to slipping the seatbelt through the handle of my laptop bag to secure it on a seat, but one of those dog straps or leashes you can get that connect to a seat belt with a clip on the end would work well too.

Not only will stowing those items away carefully protect them a little better while you travel, a laptop, notebook or tablet could cause some serious bodily damage in a car accident, not to mention the damage to the device itself.

Besides, its not like you are using it while driving – right?



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