Pongr. Advertising or Game? or Both?

Posted: December 18, 2010 in social networking
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You’ve got your smartphone or celphone with you all the time anyway why not use it to climb the virtual ladder with the help of Pongr.  (and No, Pongr isn’t what you call someone who plays Pong all the time)

For those of you who don’t know, Pongr is a service in which you send in your pictures showing various brands you want to support and in doing so you climb the ranks of the virtual company.  I’m was an “intern”  and have moved up to “administrative assistant” at one of my faves.  You can submit your photos either through logging onto the webpage (http://www.pongr.com) or by sending multimedia messages (picture messages or MMS) to pongr.  For instance, sending a photo of a coke can to coke@pongr.com.  Its relatively simple, or at least it is supposed to be.

One little thing I don’t like is being forced to take a picture of a kitkat chocolate bar to get into the game.  Why kitkat? Why not a brand I actually like – give me a choice at least.  Now I get to go out in a snowstorm to take a photo of a chocolate bar just so I can see how this thing works.  blech. (or.. ahem.. google the name, grab a screenshot, upload to iPhone and then txtmessage to pongr… ahem…  BUT I would never do that, it would be cheating)

This review hit a stumbling block when the twitter integration seemed to stop working.  That and a couple of MMS text messages with pics attached never got a return SMS message to verify the user.  If you’re thinking “huh?”, let me explain.

As I mentioned you can txt picture messages to pongr, and when you do it the first time you should get a return txt message that allows you to link your mobile phone number with your pongr account.  The operative word in that statement is “should”.  Never happened for me, but a few tweets back and forth to the people at pongr seemed to have narrowed down the problem.  And as luck would have it, its a legitimate problem and needs to be fixed and they are looking into it.

Until that little glitch is fixed, and the issue I have been having with logging in with my Twitter account, the service is faltering a bit for me and becoming a bit dead.   I even had a problem logging into the website version of Pongr, but again a Tweet to the pongr acct on twitter (@PongrMedia) and I got a reply telling me some updates they just did seemed to break a few things for some users, which they were fixing. Eventually it all got worked out, although I still have two accounts that need to be merged – one created by emails and one created by twitter logon that didn’t link properly. I’m sure we’ll get that fixed up eventually too.

Its a great idea, a fun way to show your brand loyalty and even flex your creative muscle a bit with the photos you submit.  It is a bit of a popularity contest, with the best photos getting the most likes, so use that artistic eye and look for a fun or interesting twist when taking your photos of logos or products.  In a world where people like to check in all over the place – be it, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook or Airmiles, this is another way to let people know what interests you and have some healthy competition along the way too.  Who knows, maybe you will become the virtual CEO of your fave brand, just don’t pick Coke – I have my eye set on that one.


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