Griffin Stylus. Better than a finger.

Posted: December 30, 2010 in hardware, iphone, iPod, technology
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I’ve been looking for a good stylus to use with my iPhone since I started playing around with drawings Apps on it.  Autodesk’s “SketchBook” is one that I’ve tried to like but struggled with the actual drawing part of the process.

Not to say that there is anything wrong with that particular App, but trying to draw anything remotely complex is just not that easy with your finger.

Enter the Griffin Stylus.

The Griffin Stylus is quite simply a small pen but where the ink releasing end should be is a rubberish tip that is similar enough to a fingertip to work on a touchscreen surface but with more control and typically a narrower contact point giving you a thinner line in drawing apps.  Its not going to make you give up a pencil and paper for sketching, but with a little work and a good sketching app you can certainly create some decent digital artwork.  Or if you need to retouch photos the stylus does a very decent job of being more precise in your fading/shading/blending/blurring etc.

a little creative tweaking, much easier with a stylus

Also the precision is much better when using AutoCadWS on my iPhone4.  This Autocad program is quite powerful and wonderful to use on site when I need to see what was on a drawing in more detail, allowing me to zoom into the area in question and make little markups overtop or write a note about a required change or conflict.  The stylus makes this much easier, especially when drawing lines from snap-point to snap-point and sketching out revision clouds directly onto the .dwg file.

Truth be told, the stylus was taken away from me within moments of getting it by my kids – they have used it much more than I and use it in nearly all apps on their iPhone or iPod Touch whether they need to or not.  Sure saves a lot of greasy fingerprints from getting all over your idevice.  If you are a one finger typist anyway, a stylus is not going to slow you down much and may actually increase your typing accuracy.  I’m sticking with using my thumbs for typing.

Another great thing about it is that it works in the cold without getting too stiff so you no longer need to take off your gloves to answer your phone (sliding the lock over to accept a call can be a pain) or type in a quick message or sketch something.  

Believe me, in the typical Canadian winter, you don’t want to be removing your gloves most days.  I imagine any stylus will be basically the same, but at the time when I wrote this the Pogo Stylus that I was originally trying to find was not available in any of the local stores.

Btw, Santa was good to the kids this year and must have seen MY frustration in trying to find my stylus, since the kids got their own in their stockings.


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