iPhone Mounter, well, umm, its Free.

Posted: April 3, 2011 in apps, backup, iphone, software
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The people over at Digiarty MacX alerted me of another time-limited free program giveaway, this time its an iPhone App – well kinda.

Its a program that allows you to mount your iPhone as a USB drive and copy files onto it.  Basically allowing you to use the free space on your iPhone as a backup device.

As the developer says… “It is a giveaway of MacX iPhone Mounter for Mac users. Its original price is $25.95, but now is being given away before April 10. During this period, we can get this full licensed software for free without any functional limitations. It is time-limited offer, so hurry up.

This iPhone transfer software is designed to transfer data like video, TV show, movies, podcast, photos, pictures from iPhone, iPod, iPad to Mac and mount iOS devices as portable hard disk to easily backup your files on Mac.

write down that license code

You can get more information here, and grab the file if you want to download it (its a 2.2 mb dmg file): http://www.macxdvd.com/iphone-mounter/

I really couldn’t come up with a reason why I needed this program.  For documents and various other items I either use Dropbox or AutoCad WS and keep the files accessible using either the Acad app or QuickOffice, and the beauty of Dropbox allows me to access those files anywhere from any device.

This program on the other hand only lets you move files onto your device, but doesn’t let you do anything with them afterward.  Basically like using your iPhone as a USB drive but not letting you access it from anywhere but the Mac you have the program installed on.

What you get is a graphical representation of what is on your iPhone and how much room is available.  The folder listed as USB Storage is the one you get to drag files into.

It doesn’t let you see or access the music you have on your iPhone that is put on via iTunes.  It does let you see photos on your iPhone, although, strangely not all of them.  Not sure what the reason for that is.

It will allow you to use whatever space is available on your iPhone, and seems to handle most file types.  Its nothing fancy, just a simple UI to show what is on there.

If that is something you want to do, then mbPowertools mbDrive lets you do that as an actual app on your iPhone that you can access from other devices as well.

mbDrive on the iTunes App Store

mbDrive is available on the iTunes Store for free, but is limited to using 64 meg of space for files.  The full blown version removes that limitation but will cost you $1.99, but at least it is accessible from any Windows or Mac computer on your WIFI network if you want to access your files.

As for the iPhone Mounter, sorry but its a one trick pony and its not a particularly good trick, nor one I see myself needing.  I had mbDrive on my iPhone for a while but never used that either though, so maybe i’m not the desired audience for that usage. Besides, I always have a few USB thumbdrives around that I can use in a pinch, and at least with them I don’t have to be concerned about how i’m going to get the data off again.

If you have lots of room on your iPhone and need to use it as a backup drive then this program will do that, but that is all it does.




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