Maps on iPhone. An oft forgotten gem.

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Apple, apps, iphone, technology
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I was on my way to a meeting and ran into a detour on the highway that turned out to be a real milk-run thru a bunch of small towns.

I was thinking “hmmm, there must be a better route than this” and with the help of Maps on my iPhone I found one that probably shaved a good 20 mins, lots of highway traffic, and a few kilometers off my trip.

Its one of those preloaded Apps on your iPhone that doesn’t get the use it could, at least not from me and a few others I have asked about it.  You don’t even have to worry about keying in where you are going or where you are leaving from if you don’t want, just click the little arrow on the lower left corner and let your iPhone find you.  Give it a few seconds to zoom in on you and you’ll see yourself as a little blue pulsing dot.

For me all I needed to do was the finger spreading motion on the screen to zoom out (pinching zooms in btw) and I could see where it was I wanted to go in relation to where I was.  A little panning and zooming and it was evident that the EDR (Emergency Detour Route) that was sign posted was not going to make my trip any quicker than just continuing along the road I was already on for a bit further.  You can even watch the blue-light to see how close you are getting to the road you are looking for.  It was dead on where I needed to turn.

Sure you can always use the App to map out your journey ahead of time and you will see a route highlighted for you to follow, but sometimes when life throws you a curve, like an expected detour on the highway for instance, its nice to be able to see in real-time where you are and plan an alternate route easily.

Sure its not a true GPS that gives you alerts about road closures for instance, and it won’t let you know about road conditions, but sometimes all you need is a map to let you get back on the right track and this App will do that quite nicely without having to struggle with refolding it after.


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