Do better specs mean a better device?

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Apple, apps, hardware, iPad, Mac OSX, technology
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When you compare the specifications between the tablets out there, it seems like Apple’s latest offering the iPad2, while better than the first iPad, falls a little short.

Don’t get me wrong, its a great device, but is it worthy of all the praise and the pedestal that it seems to be getting put upon?  Look at its specs compared with other tablets on the market and you quickly see there is must be something else making it the device to beat more than just the technical components, since the tablets being offered by Rim, Motorola and HP all have more ram, better cameras and screen resolutions as good as or better than the iPad2.  Honestly I was expecting more from Apple on this latest update to its ground-breaking tablet.  Screen resolution in my opinion should have been at least as good or better than the latest iPhone.  Ram, although increased from the first iPad is still a little low as far as i’m concerned.  They are touting this as a multimedia device for creating on but seem to be knee-capping it slightly by not upgrading the items that could make it stand out from the quickly gathering crowd.  And don’t get me started on the specs of the cameras.  What the heck made them think using the camera from an iPod was the way to go when they should have at least gone with the same cameras that are in the iPhone?  (If you want a good comparison of the specifications of the various tablets out there, the May 2011 edition of MacLife has a pretty good comparison chart of the key players as they call them).

Getting back to the question at hand though, will Apple reign supreme in a market that is about to explode with competition?

Was it just being first was enough to get it entrenched in our minds as the goto tablet, or is it the fact that Apple has had so much success with its other mobile devices that they can have a technically inferior device on paper but still hold the title of the device to beat?  Maybe its the sheer number of apps available for the iPad2 that make it the product to beat.

This war is just heating up, so it is tough to know what will happen over the next year, but if the past is any indication when it comes to delivering what people want (or making them want what they are delivering) then Apple could be the undisputed king of the hill when it comes to tablets unless the other manufacturer’s can get a stronghold soon.  I think the next year is do or die time for the others, and they better bring the big guns with them from a hardware and software standpoint, or they might as well stay home.

What are your thoughts?

What makes the iPad2 the tablet to beat? or is it?online surveys

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