I recently switched over to DISQUS for my blog commenting, and the first thing that jumped out at me is I seem to be posting/commenting under the wrong name.

I don’t use my given name for much, too many people share my name for one, and its just something I’ve done since I started venturing in this internet thing, as such it bothered me to keep seeing my real name being used instead of my web persona.

If you are not sure what Disqus is, jump over to http://disqus.com/ and check it out.  In a nutshell it is a replacement for your default commenting system that is much more powerful and with better social integration than what most blogging platforms provide out of the box.

never been so happy & confused at the same time

Getting back to my issue, In checking the Disqus help forums I can find the way it is supposed to work, but instead of being able to change my Full Name I get denied with the following message… “You do not have enough clout to change your display name.” Aside from the cuteness of the error message, I was a little confused.  Not one to give up, I searched and searched thru the settings trying to figure out what was stopping me from changing it.  I scoured the forums, help, and even googled the issue.  Nada. Nothing.  I then had a thought, what if I try changing to a different name than the one I actually wanted to use.

So I tried TCG since its the name I write under on my blog and low and behold it allowed me to change it.  Ah-ha, it seemed it didn’t like to have my username and display name the same.  Or so I thought.  I decided to test the theory and tried to change my name again.  Son of a b*****, it let me change it to the name I was previously trying unsuccessfully to change to, “thatcomputerguy”.  Argh.  The old adage of “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome” was apparently wrong, or at least in this case.

that's better

Importing your old comments from a WordPress blog was dead easy, a couple clicks and you were done.  It seemed to be slow working the other way at first, a slight lag from the time Disqus moderated comments were reviewed to when they eventually showed up in my blog comment dashboard or on the website.  Speaking of which, the moderation of potential comments is relatively easy, not that it wasn’t easy with the out of the box WordPress commenting system though.  The Disqus way is roughly the same.

You get notification of comments depending how you set up the moderation features.  I prefer to see all comments before letting them go live, just because, well, its my blog and I don’t want flamers or spam getting through, so I have email notifications sent to me which can be moderated via email (replying with “Approve” or “Spam“, or typing a reply will also approve the comment and post the reply at the same time) or by logging in and moderating on the WP plugin in my blog’s dashboard.

all the settings you could want... almost

As you can see you can make it as loose or as tight as you’d like.  Even denying links or images but allowing comments if you like.  Now if I can just get it to remember me so I don’t have to log in to Disqus in my WordPress Dashboard every time I want to review comments.

I’m sure that is some sort of security thing on their end, but if i’m already logging into my blog’s WP dashboard with a password, I shouldn’t have to log into the commenting system inside it with a password too.

It needs a toggle of some kind to allow your login to work for both your blog and Disqus at the same time, after all it is a plugin.  That way you can turn off the feature if you like having to type passwords.

I for one, would rather not.

Disqus is free for personal blogs and aside from the comment moderation, also handles your spam if you enable Akismet protection.  You’ll need an Akismet API key, which are also free for personal blogs.  I did it and my spam dropped from the normal 50 to 100 a day down to one or two every few days.  One less thing for me to worry about, which is always a welcome change.

One other little glitch was the conflict with another plug-in I was using: YARPP. (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin).  For some reason right after installing Disqus I started to see the error log in my website growing at a ridiculous rate.  I may not have noticed it had it not been for the fact I backed-up the site before switching to Disqus and then in doing a compare and sync backup after it was set up, noticed the 280 meg error_log file that was only a couple of Kb before switching.  Disabling the plugin stopped that in a hurry.  I deleted the large error file, created a new empty one and it hasn’t grown at all since.

So all in all after a little speed-bump at the beginning, the initial verdict is its a good change, lets hope the new-car smell doesn’t wear off and leave me with a clunker.


  1. Stanley1979 says:

    A friend of mine told me about Akismet. It should be okay overall.


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