Vancouver. not a proud moment for Canada

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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We’re a hardy people, dealing with extreme weather conditions ranging from -60 F to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  We are a polite people, a friendly country full of mostly good-hearted well-behaved people, unless, it seems, one of our teams loses a hockey game.

Right now I’m embarrassed to call myself Canadian because of the Vancouver hockey fans behaviour after their team lost.
It’s not even the people causing all the trouble that lost – their TEAM did.  A team that worked hard all season to get there.  To get to that pinnacle of the hockey world and their chance to win the Stanley Cup.   Sadly they didn’t win, but they took it in stride, disappointed for sure, but mad?  I doubt it.  The players behaved the way you expect them too, with dignity.

Sadly, the fans were another story, or at least some of them.   It’s these hoodlums and miscreants that put so much emphasis on a game that really annoy me, and as I said, because of their actions in front of the world, make me want to hide my nationality.

The scene on the streets of Vancouver caught the attention of North America and probably the world, and in a matter of moments redefined Canadians as a bunch of sore losers.  The same antics that you typically see from protesters fighting against their governments or other injustices, suddenly erupted.  Riots, fires being set in the street, cars being flipped over, looting and the need for the police to call in reinforcements.  Looting? seriously?  So because your team lost a hockey game now its time to become thieves?  In what civilized world does losing a game of any kind make it right to cause property damage and begin stealing.  The stores around the hockey arena are taking the brunt of a bunch of spoiled little whiney kids and sore losers, and the city will be digging out from the aftermath for some time, not to mention the damage done to their image.  Events are reported on in real-time nowadays.  The world saw as a city that proudly hosted the olympics with pride and dignity, was turned to shambles in minutes after the end of the game.

It’s only a game – sure its our national sport (well, kinda.  actually its our national winter sport, lacrosse is our national summer sport) but still, just a game.  No one got killed, no one was wrongly incarcerated or detained, nor were any rights being squashed.   At least not during the game.  Afterwards, well that’s another story.  I hope everyone involved is prosecuted and forced to atone for their despicable behaviour.

What kind of example does this set for my daughter when she loses in soccer?  Seeing this behaviour makes it seem okay to take a game too seriously, which is not something I want to reinforce.  The message we need to send is this:  its good to compete, try your best and if you win great, but if not try again next year.  Not fly off the handle and resort to barbarian and unlawful behaviour.

Lord Stanley of Preston is probably rolling in his grave.


  1. It’s crowd mentality, not Vancouver. In every crowd there is someone(s) waiting to erupt. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the odds. Even a a kid’s soccer game there may be one in the crowd with eruption potential. One can be easily quelled. A crowd like last night one sparks many. As for looting? The original looter were likely long gone and opportunists took over. Ya’ see a laptop in an already busted window and you have to make a fast choice. Some would chose wrong, but not necessarily have a criminal heart.
    I do not condone what happened, but I do not blame Vancouver. Any crowd, anywhere in the world could erupt in violence. Sad, but true.


    • tcg says:

      I don’t blame Vancouver either, some small group of “fans” in Vancouver, yes, but the trouble is the rest of the world sees it as this happened in this city so the two are linked together in their minds. Sadly the city will take the blame for the actions of a few, and the poor judgement of many more afterwards.
      As for the looting and vandalism: Whether or not you have a criminal heart is not the issue. A criminal act was committed. Lack of intent doesn’t make it any less wrong.


  2. Scott says:

    I’m disgusted.  Everyone has a choice, and I feel no pity for any of the rioters who got hurt that night either by other rioters or the police.


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