RIM layoffs and BlackBerry’s Future

Posted: June 24, 2011 in technology
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I’m of two minds with the whole RIM layoff thing that’s going on right now.

I hate to see any Canadian company struggling, I’m a proud supporter of all things Canadian and not just because I live and work here, I honestly believe that RIM was doing a great job as a company, at least in the beginning, but they did bring it upon themselves by not staying current.  It’s hard to feel too sorry for them when they’ve had plenty of opportunities to update their products and stay competitive with the other newer upstarts, you know, like Apple and Android.  RIM’s BlackBerry line has been around since 1999* but the competition seems to have surpassed them in features, capabilities and innovation.
They had a controlling lead in the smart phone market.  It might actually be said they created that market.  In fact their products were amazing for the time and were the go-to device for most business types on the go, but they stopped innovating and that’s what causing the current toppling of their ivy-tower.  That and rushing products to market too soon.  The playbook comes to mind most recently, but that’s been covered ad-nauseum by the blogs since its release so I’m not going to rehash it here.
I hope they take this opportunity as what it is – a chance for them to retool rethink rework everything to make their products better and get back some of that market share they lost.  Not only for the sake of a great Canadian company and the town of Waterloo which has a lot of people’s lives depending upon Research In Motion, but also because competition in the market makes all the players work harder, which means the consumers win with better products and better pricing, and who doesn’t like that.  Well, besides the CFOs of the manufacturers maybe.


*edited.  RIM has been around since 1984, the BlackBerry was introduced in 1999

  1. Fresno559911 says:

    So sad but give me a break. Look at a blackberry and then take look at an Android phone or an Iphone. Goodnight Blackberry. So sad you thought you would last forever with your outdated technology. Viva Android


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