Mobio & QR codes. A pair of second looks.

Posted: July 12, 2011 in apps, iPad, iphone, iPod, Security, software, technology
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Someone on twitter mentioned QR codes and their lack of apparent uses.  Someone else asked me what they were.  Someone else asked me what the funny little thing on the side of their hydro bill was.  Another person asked me what App they could use to safely store personal info on their iPhone.

It seemed like the universe was telling me to blog about a little App that I use more and more, MobioId.  (If you are not sure what QR codes are I did a blog a while back about them here  and if you want a bit more info about the Mobio App I covered that a while back too, here)

select what to send

One of the coolest things about Mobio is the ease of which you can use your info and submit it for contests you wish to enter.  How’s that you ask?  It’s quite simple really.

Mobioid goes beyond just reading QR codes, which it does quite well, but also lets you submit some of your personal data by using the mobile ID service.
It hangs onto your personal stuff and submits only what you want others to know and see.  Most of the time it’s just your name and email address that gets submitted (see the confirmation email I got from mobio after using it), but if you are like me not having to type that over and over again is a good thing.  The info you want to store, such as credit card info, personal info including email addresses, date of birth, phone numbers, etc, is stored in your Profile and can be used to fill in forms, enter contests, even pay for purchases if the store or online service is set up for it.

The App even keeps track of all your activity so you can see where you’ve submitted info (and what info was submitted) in case you are using it so much you can’t remember which contests you’ve already entered, or just getting old and forgetful like me.

confirmation email

Another great use came to me via email earlier today.  Discounted Gift Cards from some major retailers.  Who wouldn’t want to get a $25 gift card for gas for only $10?  Sure maybe not all of them are such bargains, but even saving $5 on every $25 you spend at Walmart by buying $25 gift cards for $20 can be a big savings.

In that same email was another great use:  Donations to a worthy cause.  In this case it was the CIBC run for the Cure.  Simply by scanning the QR code you are taken to their website and could make a donation.

How convenient and cool is that?  Here’s that QR code if you are interested, or just want to see how one works.

Run for the Cure

QR codes are all around us, and will be becoming more and more wildly used in the very near future as companies and people see the ease of their use. I for one think its a great way to limit typing and copying of links/URLs, and with the Mobio App and your smart phone, it’s getting easier and easier.

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