Netflix listens. And better yet, they are proactive.

Posted: July 19, 2011 in technology
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Say what you will about big business, about them not being in touch, not listening to the people who actually pay their bills and allow them to survive, etc.  Some are hard to get a hold of, and some even if you do get in contact with an actual person could care less.

Thankfully, it seems Netflix Canada is not like that.
For the second time this year, I’ve gotten an email from them apologizing for poor quality streaming and offering a credit for the day of the problem.
All without complaining.  Or without me even mentioning it to anyone, not even a comment on Twitter and you all know how vocal I can be on there when it comes to being wronged.

Even better is the way you get the credit for the day (3% being equivalent of one days worth of your monthly bill) is just by clicking the link in the email.  No forms to fill out.  No logging in to your account.  No waiting.  No fuss, no muss as the saying goes.

Sure, their service was a bit wonky for a day, and maybe it was an annoyance for some, but its not like its a necessary service or left you stranded without service, say for instance, your ISP or celphone provider, and i’m sure you all know how hard it is to get any kind of rebate or credit out of them when something goes wrong on their end.
Netflix better be careful.  With service like this, people might expect all companies to treat their customers better and then where would we be?



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