Fun with QR codes, and maybe profit too.

Posted: August 23, 2011 in apps, iphone, social networking, software, technology
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QR codes.  They are one of those cool hip things that most people really aren’t sure what to do with just yet.   Basically its a great way to get info out there in a new funky way by using a QR reader. (I’ve done a couple blogs about them if you want a little more info here and here)

Want an easy way to create your own QR codes and save them in ways to display either text, a website URL, a SMS message or a vCard when read with a QR scanner? There is a great website that will do just that for you, and do it for free

I created two very simply and easily that have all my typical work contact info in them.  One as text and one as a vCard, then saved them out to my computer for easy access, and i’m going to store them also on my iPhone as an easy way to share with others as well.  Total time of about 5 minutes because I was typing slow and watching the QR code change as more info was added to it.  Its a simple process of picking the format you want the info to be presented in and then filling in the blanks. (i’ve shrunk and stretched the images so the images below don’t actually work)

vCard as a QR code

text as a QR code


And if you want to show off your QR code and advertise yourself to the world, they can do that for you too.  On a t-shirt, a coffee mug or buttons.  That way others can help spread the word… er… um …code.   You know what I mean.


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