When my daughter first mentioned she wanted a Motorola Atrixsuper phone” to replace her current iPhone 3G I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  As much as I try to be unbiased, I am a Machead.

Don’t get me wrong, I will praise the good in any OS, software, hardware, or device, but there is a certain soft-spot for Apple products in my heart, which for the most part, is well deserved.  But enough extolling of Apple’s virtues, this post is about something NEW being brought into the fold at home and how it is fitting in so far.

First impressions:  well its no iPhone but it’s not a bad imitation.

The camera in a side by side comparison with my iPhone 4 falls a bit short.  On paper both look good, but the resulting captured images are much sharper with better contrast on the iP4.  Not only that but the ease at which you can focus on the subject and keep the same exposure as you re-frame the image is much better on the iP4.  A simple side by side comparison of a sunset photo proved that.

Getting media onto the Atrix, couldn’t be much easier.  Or I should say, couldn’t be much easier if you read the manual.  Jumping in and trying to figure this thing out without any foreknowledge is not the way to do it.  The intuitiveness is not quite on par with Apple’s products, but that could be my bias and past experiences tainting my opinion.  Before you struggle with trying to find a suitable app in the Marketplace, connect your Atrix to a computer and install the Motorola Media Link software onto it.  You’ll be glad you did, it’ll make your experience that much better.

sit back and wait, it could be a while...

still going... videos being copied off phone

you even get notifications about available updates to your device

...and a report of exactly what was done

As the screengrabs show, after the install of the software is complete you are presented with the option to connect to your iTunes account on the computer and sync the music to your phone.

One of the best things, and one that Apple should take note of and steal, is the “Sync Results” at the end of the process.

It’s nice to see exactly what was done as far as which info was moved from where to where between the phone and the backup on the computer.

Without getting to actually use the Atrix much, it is my teenage daughter’s after all – and I’m reminded of a Charlton Heston quote about “prying it from my cold dead hands” –  I’d have to say from my limited use so far, it is as I stated earlier a good alternative to the current iPhone4 with some specs being slightly better, and others maybe not quite hitting the mark completely.  The screen for instance – as nice as it is it’s no Retina Display such as the iP4 has.

Maybe if I sneak in while she is sleeping – which she does a lot of being the aforementioned teenager – I can borrow it and play more.  The big fun will be when she gets her “dock” for the Atrix, i’m sure then i’ll get to use the device if only to help her set it up.

As for how it is fairing in our Apple house? I’d have to say i’m pleasantly surprised by how similar to iTunes and easy to use the Motorola media link software is to use on the only Windows PC in the house, an HP Netbook.  I’m hesitant to try hooking up the Atrix to one of the Macs for fear it self-destructs, but maybe i’ll try it on my wife’s MacBook just to see.

Also, it’ll be interesting to see how this relatively new Moto phone stacks up against the iPhone5 when it comes out shortly, since its not really fair to compare speed and features of a relatively new phone with that of an iPhone that has been out for over a year.  Admit it, you knew I couldn’t end this post without qualifying my statements.  I am after all a machead thru and thru.




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