Technology. It’s all around us and changing all the time.

Posted: September 4, 2011 in technology
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I used to bike. A lot. It was the way I got around, the way I exercised, and the way I relaxed. Nothing quite like the feeling of attacking hills on a bike and flying thru the countryside powered only by your own body.
Life happened and my bike became a sport I would turn to less and less often, rarely having the time to ride during the day and I hated riding in the dark, it was just too dangerous.  Using it as a means of transportation when trying to get a toddler to daycare was impossible, so it became an after-work event that got pushed off the busy schedule more and more often.

Whenever I did get the chance to break out my bike it was always a great feeling.  Riding along, viewing the world from a slightly slower point of view, and getting some exercise at the same time.  A few weeks back I decided screw this, I need to get back into the groove and make the time for it.  Unfortunately the years had not been kind to my bike helmet and all the padding had deteriorated to the point it was basically gone.  Biking without the padding in the helmet was just too uncomfortable, so off to the sporting goods shop I went.

While buying a new bike helmet for myself, I was trying a few on and looking at features and the shapes etc, and was shocked at how much comfortable the new helmets were compared to my old one which as it turned out was almost as old as my eldest daughter.  The air vents are designed to allow maximum airflow without sacrificing protection, definitely weighed less, and the adjustments for size were so much easier with the rack & pinion ring mechanism that I could hardly tell I was wearing a helmet.

I hate to think how much better a new bike would be than my old one, but for now I prefer to think of it like using a training bat in baseball.  The heavier bat makes your swing that much stronger when you use a normal weight bat.  My ancient mountain bike does the same.  Imagine how fast I’d be on a lightweight bike.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

Most of the time we think of “tech” as the latest and greatest toy on the market – be it the iPad2 for instance, or the new car models, or the latest laptop, or faster-than-all-the-rest-superphone, but we forget about the simple things that are also tech, or at least, form a huge part of the manufacturing and design world.  It’s all around us, constantly changing due to advances in the mechanics and the materials. Even shopping for school supplies I was inundated with new writing utensils and binders, things I typically don’t consider technology, but has some geeky engineer in a R&D lab getting all excited about when they come up with a new grip for a pen/pencil.

So next time you are picking up that (insert name of practically anything ever invented here) remember to take a moment to thank all the people who spend their lives advancing the simple things we use every day to make our lives better and easier. A simple note or comment on a manufacturer’s website is a great way to let those pocket-protector-wearing-ex-highschool-mathteam-members know you appreciate them and all their hard work.

Getting back to the thing that started me down this long winding road of reflection, cycling.  Remember to use some of that saved-time you got from all those wonderful technological advances to do the things you should be doing and want to do.  After all, what’s the good of saving all that time if you are just gonna fill it up with more of the same things you are trying to save time doing in the first place.

Me?  I’m throwing on my new helmet, firing up my Runkeeper app, flicking the activity setting over to cycling, and hitting the road less travelled.   I mean that literally, not metaphorically.  The only thing deep about me is the dark circles under my eyes and the creases in my furrowed brow, but with a little more time on my hands to do the things I enjoy that should hopefully change.


p.s. – in case you noticed this post was reposted.  WordPress didn’t save properly and an earlier edit got posted.  I didn’t notice technology had failed me until i visited my site later on.  ironic huh?  technology:  the very thing I was blogging about ended up failing me.



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