Skitch. Once you get past the funny name it’s full of awesome

Posted: September 9, 2011 in apps, blogging, Mac OSX, reviews, software
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Skitch. For some reason the little child in me can’t get past the name, it reminds me of “gitch” which was a common slang for underwear way back in my youth and makes me chuckle when I read it.
Once you get past that and the girly-looking icon, you will see this is one of those extremely powerful and useful apps that any Mac-user should have in their arsenal, and it’s FREE.

The interface is easy to understand, no strange key combos to make it do extra things – they are all just listed in the one, albeit long, menu located under that “cog” in the upper left corner.

Anything you want to do to capture screen grabs and edit, massage, tweak them all can be done easily.  You can even capture Skitch itself, which is not something easy to do with most other screen capture programs.

For me this program fell under the category of “what do I need another screen grab program for?” but after using it for a while, I’m finding that my old go-to-app Voila may have just been replaced.

It’s not just a screen grab program, it’s all about what you do with those grabs, or any image you drag or import into it for that matter, afterwards.

The annotations, the sketching on top of them, the editing and reworking of the images, it all works quite well and is so easy to share the finished result or use it to share works in progress for review and comment.  It allows you to tweet or email the image from within the program.  The program even keeps track of what you’ve “skitched” and shared, etc. in a history panel for you.   Add to the list of great features the fact it does watermarks as well, and I can see this program taking the place of a few other one-trick-ponies I had been using.

Go check it out at  Right now it’s only available for Macs, but there is also an Android app, and the iOS app is said to be coming soon.  I think Evernote made a good acquisition with this App and can see it becoming as used by me daily as Evernote is, to the point that without it I feel like someone has stolen my swiss army knife.  As a matter of fact in resides in my menubar constantly since the day I tried it out.  Try it for yourself and you’ll see why Skitch (teehee, sorry still fighting the kid inside me when I see that name) should be part of your arsenal of go-to apps.


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